Thursday, November 21, 2019

Another Birthday

Hello there... I hope you are well.

It's very chilly here and the leaves are falling like snow. My Ginger cat with all his blubber and a lush coat doesn't stay out for more than a few minutes and Missy hasn't ventured out in days. My neighbours are away on a short break so I'm caring for their kitty too -  Normally a wanderer, even he hasn't venture outside. But thankfully we have not had any severe floods or snow in my part of the UK so I'm grateful for that.

I have a little card to share that I made for my husband's DIL who has a birthday in a few days. It's an AI background, splattered with gold paint and stamped embossed images by Lavinia Stamps

It's hard to photograph the gold flecks, well, it's hard to photograph anything really as it's so dull here, but it does look kind of magical...Admittedly I could have used that stamp a few ways but I wanted something quick...

And inspiration isn't on my side right now. 

On another note,  I just wanted to say a big thank you to all of you who have sent me gorgeous handmade cards and caring thoughts following the loss of my bestie... It means a lot and I'm so appreciative of your friendships and your kindness

I'm wishing you a wonderful day

~ Ros ~