Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday the 13th

Good morning!

Firstly let me start off by saying a huge Thank you for all your birthday wishes, your messages and your gorgeous handmade cards AND the many gifts I received yesterday...

I'm quite overwhelmed... 33 cards arrived, and flowers? Take a look

I have a whole bunch of Thank you cards to make, that's for sure! What a brilliant day, finished of with an evening out with my son and husband at a local Greek restaurant...

Now it's friday13th, I don't usually think much about the superstition surrounding that, but when I went for my shower this morning the heating was off... I've no idea why, it did come on later. Then I was downloading my photos and inadvertently put my my SD memory card into the wrong slot on my Mac so began a major operation to get it out again. Thank goodness for those forums! Then I somehow managed to delete one of my files... Lol! Maybe I should pay more attention...

Just to finish I have another bird card I sketched and painted

My DH bought me an artist travel set for my birthday! Yay! That's going to be very useful

I hope your day goes well... Thank you all once again for making my day so special


~ Ros ~