Saturday, June 02, 2018


Hey there...

I've not posted in awhile... I got an ear infection (both ears) and a sinus infection, which has made me feel a little rotten. I even missed out on a night out with the rest of the volunteers at Thursday Club....sigh
Things are starting to move in the right direction though and if it stays as cool as it is today it will make sleeping easier that's for sure

Still I've not been idle, I've been working on some projects for my club and I've just come up with this one...

Can you tell it's a lighthouse? Haha!
I get an idea into my head and then think "how am I going to make that?'  So I always do a practice run. For this I used a toilet roll covered in paper and the blue light cover is a medicine cup... Well, I couldn't think of anything else to use so I got a bunch of these really cheap and they worked... The box they were packed in came in handy too, I cut it up to make the bases. A few shells, my favourite gull and hey presto!
Anyway I'm sure my group will love them

As I mentioned, it's cooled down today and we've had some (welcome) rain...  I love to photograph the flowers when they're covered in raindrops so if you are interested here are some of my shots

I don't have a fancy camera... Just an ordinary Coolpix and it does the job.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend, I will catch up with you all very soon

Take care

~ Ros ~