Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Two Fat Robins and more...

Hello and Happy New Year!

Sorry I'm late in my wishes and that I haven't been visiting you. As I mentioned previously I had a fall and tore my hamstring. It could have been a whole lot worse, no bones are broken anyway, but the bruising is extensive and painful and sleeping and sitting is...Uncomfortable.

I've been itching to paint some of the sketches I'd done, plus our wedding anniversary was yesterday and I needed some sort of card to give hubby so I gave it a go.

Not your traditional anniversary card but you know me... Two fat robins will do. We're in lock down once again so no doubt that's how we'll look come Spring. 
This time I added some hills behind my painting using distress inks and torn paper 

Not my best painting but Hubby was thrilled anyway.
I also did another one with birds

I love these guys in their shiny boots - the only downside is that the white Gouache I used turned a yellowish colour on my cardstock.

Okay... I'm going to try and catch up with you all

Have a lovely day

~ Ros ~