Sunday, March 23, 2014

Our Beautiful World

Hello ...

It's time for a new word prompt at Our Beautiful World

Milagros has chosen for us this week ... Her prompt is

There is something magical about a rainbow don't you think? No matter how many I've seen throughout my life ... they still hold a fascination 

It's so easy to live in a bubble ... feet on the ground, head filled with day to day stuff...
 Taking a moment to stop and look at a rainbow is taking a pause ... the mind falls silent for a while. We look up to the sky and witness this beauty in the universe both of which have no beginning and no end ... A colourful reminder that we are tiny parts of something so great, so vast ...  

We are not just the road, the house, the life we live... We are part of something so much more ... We are so much more

So if you are driving along ... maybe a little frustrated or anxious as the rain pours down and suddenly a rainbow appears ... remember to take a little pause and breathe ...

Even in the darkest of skies magic happens ... and in the great scheme of things our troubles are small

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~ Ros ~