Friday, February 13, 2015

Lucky Me

It's the end of a long and busy week and I for one am glad it's Friday - I can wind down a little...

Today I want to share the talent and kindness of a couple of dear blog friends

A month ago I celebrated another birthday (yep, there's been quite a lot lol!)
A new little girl came to live with me ...

This adorable bunny was handmade by Kirsty! As it happens her blog is called Handmade Little Things ... It arrived with this sweet pretty card

What Kirsty could not have known is that when I was very little I wouldn't go to bed without my beloved bunny ... I had one wrapped in a little blanket that slept in my cot with me so this gift is a precious reminder ...

And just when I thought my celebrations were over ... Another package arrived today from the talented and sweet Wendy Sylvestre
Oh my ... What beautiful things ... Take a look

Papers, ribbons, roses, and flowers

Lace, stamps and a gorgeous stencil

A beautiful mixed media card ... And as if this was not enough ... Wendy sent me her beautiful handmade book

How beautiful ...

To see more photos of this lovely book ... Click Here 

What amazing friends I have

My heart is full of gratitude ..... Thank you!

~ Ros ~