Thursday, April 29, 2010

Where did Spring go??

It's suddenly gone cold and rainy here today - with colder weather to come we are told...  just when I thought Spring was here with the promise of Summer to come. 
Still the garden is flourishing and the trees are laden with fresh green leaves and blossom everywhere... The birds are busily nest building and I think that my little robin has now laid her eggs - she is in and out of the ivy constantly, but I can't hear any babies chirping yet.....

I have everything ready for tonights craft class - all the albums and embellishments are ready and packed ... so I thought you might like to see one of the projects we did a while ago ... my group loved this and we have done them in various sizes ..... Envelope Wallets

These started life as ordinary brown office envelopes ... they were being thrown out but I rescued them and with some papers, embellishments, stamping etc., they became these beautiful wallets with a side pocket to store your secrets or in this case a tag.

I also had some larger envelopes and they became this...

....Wallets that hold cards and envelopes - all tied up with a satin ribbon

 I printed straight on to the envelopes and made the little cards you can see inside ... added some small envelopes and my group decorated the cards and the wallets for Valentines Day ... the side pocket was used to put their own Valentine cards in.

A great use of old envelopes don't you think? I absolutely love things like this and Yes, I am thrifty, but I adore altering things....

Enjoy your day,

Till soon