Friday, October 14, 2016

Easy Autumn Projects

Hi there...

I'm feeling much better today thankfully... I'm waiting on the results of x-rays and I have blood test to go for but fingers crossed all will be well. The main thing is I'm feeling better and I'm back into crafting...
Last night was club night and I haven't seen my group for a few weeks so I prepared 3 simple Autumn projects for them... Heck the room was heaving.. I kid you not! 
Thankfully Pat was with me and she'd also brought a friend who is visiting and we did have a good number of support workers too...

So first up we created some simple framed pictures

I printed and stamped some BG paper and cut out the shapes for them and let them embellish with gems stones

Then we did some cards

I bought a whole heap of silk leaves (100) for £2.30 on Ebay, so much easier that me having to do them and I cut out more leaves for the ears, circles for the google eyes and also a nose and computer generated a sentiment.

Lastly with the off -cut from the cards we made bookmarks

I really wish you could see their faces when they've made their projects... All the hours put in is so worth it - Well, I keep telling my aching back that Lol!

Wishing you all a good day ...

Till soon

~ Ros ~