Thursday, May 21, 2020

Mushrooms in Snow

Hello! Another week is almost over, not that I even know what day it is anymore.
I hope this finds you all well and you're keeping your spirits up? 

Mushrooms in snow... Okay so that doesn't usually happen but we're living in strange and unusual times so anything goes and only I could paint a snowy scene on the hottest day of the year so far Lol!

The night sky has always enthralled me and I wish I could see the stars as clear as many of you living in the States can. I watch documentaries and films and I'm in awe.
So this is another entry for the CAS Watercolour challenge

Granted it doesn't have to be a winter night - it could be a sunset I guess
and also for the Double D challenge

Something beginning with the letter M 



I got some piling there on the moon with the snowy splatters and my trees look more like feathers but this is fantasy, where I live right now

I got to chat with my neighbour yesterday, from a distance of course... We haven't spoken or seen each other since lockdown and it was good to talk, though sadly she lost her BIL to this virus a few weeks ago. Meanwhile I am still trying to keep DH at home and I'm fighting a losing battle - He's been back to golf and to visit a friend (socially distancing which is not too bad) but he keeps wanting to go to shops and it's like playing Russian roulette out there when others do not observe the rules.

Before I leave I wanted to show you one of my roses... I can't believe how big they are this year, probably down to the cleaner air

This one was so heavy it snapped the branch... It looks like 3 in one and smells heavenly.

 Okay, that's it for now... Enjoy your day and be safe

~ Ros ~