Sunday, January 11, 2015


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Manuela has chosen the prompt for us this week and it's

It's been very wet, cold and windy here in the UK ... I know lots of you are experiencing freezing temperatures and snow

We had our first snowfall on Boxing Day

It didn't last long...

Suddenly it warmed a little ... But we are used to unexpected weather here and we have clothes for every season ... I love my warm winter boots

... layering up with scarves and sweaters

Yesterday morning at 6am it was lashing with rain ... the windy was howling at the window and it felt  so cosy tucked under the duvet
And not for the first time I thought about all those people who don't have a warm bed, maybe sleeping on the streets... or fighting for freedom in some cold remote wintery place ... 

It makes me realise that we are blessed, no matter how much we complain about the wintery weather

Link up your Wintery photos with us at Our Beautiful World
and have a cosy blessed day

~ Ros ~