Thursday, December 20, 2012

Home and Happy Mail

Hello there!
Well I'm back home and in the midst of Christmas preparations ...
I have spoken to my Aunt a lot since I came home ... checking she is ok and so far she is doing fine ... people are popping in and out to see her so I know she is not alone And whilst I was with her I taught her how to shop online for her groceries ... she is so clever for a lady of almost 86 ... and had 2 deliveries through the week so is now quite confident ... She is brilliant with her iPad.

I arrived home late Tuesday evening to a home full of beautiful roses ... I was missed! And my hubby had even put up the Christmas lights on the house with a few decorations inside too ... So lovely ...
Yesterday was spent making more cards, writing and posting them and wrapping some presents ... Then I put up the tree in the evening ... Now it's feeling like Christmas!

I did a few CAS cards that more importantly are flat so I can mail them at the normal rate 

It has not stopped raining here so the photos are not too good ...

I also came home to some Happy Mail ... The gifts will go under the tree

Thank you Kirsty!!! 

Thank you Linda!!!

And some beautiful cards ....

From Ira ... Thank you!

... And this beauty is from Barbara ... Thank you!

I'll share some more when I can photograph them ... You guys are the best ...

I truly appreciate all my friendships with you lovely bloggers ... throughout the last couple of weeks your words and kindness have touched my heart

Have a beautiful day

~ Ros ~