Friday, June 06, 2014

Life's A Circus

Hello there ... 
I know I've been a bit quite on my blog I've just been so busy with life ...

Gipsy got a clean bill of health and is fine but back to her routine of waking me around 5am ... I swear she has the loudest meow ever! And she's really giving the little ginger cat a hard time ... It's worse than a bunch of kids!
My DH has been in the hospital having heart checks and couldn't drive for 24 hours after ... or golf ... or lift anything ... Thankfully the results were good and he's out golfing again.
My son is also having blood tests today for a throat problem ...

If that hasn't been enough, my sweet friend Pat who helps me at the club has a granddaughter Faye ... Faye flew of to Wisconsin to join Summer Camp ... within a few days got sick and collapsed and is now sick in hospital in the USA... She's coming up for 19 and being so far away on her own is very distressing for her and the family ... Yep, it's all happening ...

Last night was Thursday Club where I do a craft class for my group of Special Needs adults ... Want to see what we did?

A circus ... quite appropriate for the way things have been ... but it's not just a tent

It's a mini exploding circus box - Once I had the design sorted and sized on my cameo I cut 24 of these ready for them to assemble

I took some pictures from the web to print for them to decorate the inside ... cut some straws for the centre and some 'grass' and cut triangles and strips to decorate the outside

They  We, had a fun albeit busy night ... Naturally they wanted to make one for Faye ... A photo of it has been sent to her phone in the hope of cheering her up 

As for me ... well, I'm meeting up with some GF's for lunch later this morning ... I really need a bit of 'me' time.

I hope you had a better week ... here's hoping the weekend is good ... though our weather forecast is not good here... sigh

Thanks for looking in on me ...

Take care

~ Ros ~