Sunday, August 04, 2013


Good morning!
I almost forgot what day it was ... This week has been so full of ups and downs ... 

But as it is Sunday ... it's a new prompt at

Where we share our photos from around the world and ask that you share yours 
This week's prompt is simply August 

It's been a little hectic here for me to be taking many photos ... But I did capture this little guy

He's a regular in my garden and as you can see ... always stealing the nuts from the bird feeder
It's too early for the nuts on the trees just yet so I guess he's getting his fill here first.

As you can see ... I did a little trickery with this shot ... 
I opened it in Printshop and overlaid it with a calendar transparency ... Just one I found on the internet

My husband is not so fond of this little guy ... Because he keeps digging up the flower pots and burying the nuts ... the crazy thing is ... the magpies keep watch and once the squirrel has left ... down comes Mr Magpie - digs up the nuts and flies off with them!

The beginning of August always brings new flowers too ... just as some are fading ... another part of the garden starts to bloom ... 

These  pretties spread each year and take over if you let them ... I'm not sure what they are called but the bees just love them ...

What is August like in your part of the world? I would love see ... please link up at Our Beautiful World and have a look on the blog at what my friends around the globe are sharing ...

Thanks for looking in
Enjoy your Sunday and keep safe

~ Ros ~