Tuesday, December 08, 2020

Birthday Blues

 Hello friends... I hope this finds you well.

Birthday blues... Let me explain or rather rant a little (does me good). See today is a friends' birthday... Earlier in the week I made this card for her

Yes it took awhile - Lining up the cut out balloon shape behind the shaker part (which you can't really see), cutting sticky foam to place around the small shapes etc.,

 I'd queued up to buy a gift card and flowers and made a lovely decorated envelope for the cards with ribbons and sparkles and her name cut out in gold glitter as she loves bling (sorry, I didn't photograph that)

This morning we went out in the pouring rain to deliver them... Actually I placed them in clear plastic covers and laid them on the step, rang the bell and stepped back. There was a brief exchange of words and I guess I expected a smile and a thank you for the effort, sorry we can't get together... Whatever. But I came away wondering why I bother. In fact the last few cards I've sent to family and friends have not even been acknowledged.
Sometimes it just makes me sad or maybe I'm just turning into a crotchety old lady Lol!
Anyway I hope you liked it...
Take care and thanks for stopping by
~ Ros ~