Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Gifts and the Naughty Cat

A few weeks ago my SIL saw a little padded note board she liked ... 
It was quite expensive at £15 and it was only small .... so I volunteered to make her one ... She has a birthday coming up soon so this will be part of her present

I used a canvas frame for the base ... larger than the one she saw in the shop ... added some batting and a pretty fabric I bought on Ebay

Actually it was quite easy once I got going ... the staple gun came in handy and the hardest part was arranging the ribbon strips and stitching down the buttons

There was a little fabric over and a small piece of ribbon left so I made her a Post It note holder

That took longer to make than the board!

I just hope she likes it ...

Whilst I was sitting here this morning writing comments ... my cat Gispy had sneaked in - she thought I didn't know she was behind the curtains ... she loves netting and chews great holes in it 

Every picture tells a story ......

Have yourselves a lovely day

Till soon

~ Ros ~