Monday, November 12, 2018

Spare Leaves

Yep... there are plenty of spare leaves around right now, the garden is covered in them. No sooner do we clear them when another flurry comes raining down.

But the title of my post refers to the two cards I am sharing today using the spare leaves cut from the background of the card in my previous post

This is a one layered card painted loosely with distress inks and stamped.. It's good quality card and the secret is not to wet it too much... I dry it on both sides to stop any warping

I made it for my brother Rick who has a birthday tomorrow

This next one is very similar

I do like those leaves and just a little touch of sparkle can make a big difference

Hubby is still struggling with his back and I'm hoping he can see a chiropractor sometime today...It's no fun for either of us him being like this poor guy

I'll catch up with you soon... enjoy your day

~ Ros ~