Friday, January 04, 2013


Hello everyone ...
It's our wedding anniversary today ... 13 years ago we were in Cyprus where our wedding took place ... and though the sun has put in an appearance today - it's not quite as warm as it was that day.
Because it's been so dull here ... photographing anything is a trial but I do have a card to share that I made for my DH

I'm loving the colour blue at the moment ... hence the stamping and papers
and I love texture, banners and anything postal

... so I guess this has all the things I love ... just glad my husband was happy with it too haha!

I'm slowly getting my mojo back and getting into the swing of things ... which is no mean feat considering that I seem to be moving from one problem to another ... I am convinced that I was never meant to have a peaceful life ... but when family need you ... you have to be there... and the upside is that I got to be with sweet Sophia today which was lovely ... 
My that little girl has grown ... and today she said I was her best friend ... Makes everything worthwhile! And I'm happy to report that my Aunt is still doing well too.

Tonight DH and I are off to our favourite restaurant for a celebration dinner ... I'm looking forward to it ... 

Enjoy your evening too 
Till soon

~ Ros ~