Friday, September 06, 2013

My Home Town

Hello ...

It's a cold and wet September day here today and I thought I'd share some photos with you that my brother has taken of our Liverpool Water Front
... As it happens I live on the Liverpool side of the river Mersey whilst my brother lives on the other side (The Wirral) ... so these first two shots were taken looking across from his side of the river

(Click to enlarge)

I just love our waterfront when it's lit up like that ... The building with the clock is the Liver Building (pronounced Lie ... ver) with the 2 liver birds on top

And you know the Beatles song ... Ferry across the Mersey? This is it 

Everything looks a lot differently from when the Beatles wrote that song ... but the ferry still remains ...
See that tall kind of layered building far right? That's where I worked for many years until I had my son ...
It was opened by Princess Alexandra in 1976 - I presented her with a bouquet and we had a little chat too!

These shots are the Liverpool Eye ... the land mark ferris wheel 

In the background is the old dockland ... all refurbished and now beautiful apartments

To the left is the new Echo Arena where stars from all over the world hold concerts

I hope you enjoyed seeing a little of my home city ...

My crafting is taking a back seat for awhile as I still have a trapped nerve in my shoulder and just to add to that ... I have a painful infected tooth that will be coming out next week after the course of antibiotics and my eyes have decided to join the party - Blepharitis!
Oh the joys of being 60!

Enjoy your day!

Till soon

~ Ros ~
Edit ... 
As I have quite rightly been reminded ... It was Gerry and The Pacemakers who sang "Ferry Across The Mersey"!!! ...... Seems my brain is also ill .....