Saturday, June 03, 2017

7 Days

Hello there...
I'm home from a 7 day cruise in the Mediterranean and thought I'd share some photos of our trip just in case you are interested...Feel free to move on if not

Day 1 
We flew to Majorca to board the ship - The flight was late and we were kept standing in a very hot room and then in a queue on the tarmac for well over an hour...
Day 2 
Was a day at sea which gave us time to explore the ship and every evening we returned to our cabin to find a cutie waiting for us constructed from our towels

Day 3 - Sailing into Sicily

Due to me having sciatica my legs were pretty bad, fortunately we booked mostly coach tours for the whole cruise and here we visited a winery and had a mini cruise on a lagoon

And our cutie that night

Day 4 

We arrived in beautiful Sorrento to take a drive along the Amalfi coast... I've done this before but my hubby hadn't and truthfully you couldn't pay me to do it again ... It's stunning but terrifying for a gal who doesn't like heights!

But Amalfi, with it's little streets...'s stunning coastline 

And where lemons grow freely, is not to be missed

And this nights cutie...

Day 5 we headed for Rome
I have always wanted to see Rome, even if it was on a coach with a little free time for exploring but my legs got so bad I had to visit the ships medical center and thankfully they made sure I didn't miss a thing by giving me daily injections for the pain...
I made Rome, and instantly fell in love

Excuse some of these photos, they were taken through the window of a moving coach with my jaw on the floor Lol! Never did I think it would be so green and lush with flowers and trees everywhere

Seeing the Colosseum for real was really hard to comprehend

You may be wondering about all those holes, well the original Colosseum was studded with gold and jewelled embellishments that have all been removed leaving those holes.
I even got to taste the amazing sorbet

All too soon our visit was over...That night's cutie

A frog?

Day 6  I managed to capture the sunrise as we sailed into Corsica

What a gorgeous Island this is

These photos don't do it justice... It's so pretty and like a picture postcard
...and funny how my schoolgirl french came tumbling back - well enough to order drinks etc. Lol!
This was supposed to be our last cabin cutie 

But the lady who looked after us was so concerned about my health and wanted to make me happy that she managed to leave another before we left after Day 7 - Menorca

We'd never visited here before even though it's the next Island to Majorca and it's so lovely but very hilly... Just to get from the ship to where I took this photo was over 100 steps - Thank goodness for those injections

... And huge tree roots to rest on.

Our last cutie was E.T.... Yes ... "Home" was beckoning

I hope you enjoyed seeing my travels...

Have a lovely weekend

~ Ros ~