Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Unicorns and Magic

Good morning!
Well it's warmed up a little here, the ice and snow have disappeared and the cats have been out and about.

 I've been working on projects for my sweet group and I thought I'd just share the Mother's Day gift that they will be assembling this week

I hand cut 24 boxes with front and backs... The little unicorn face was done on my computer... Firstly, I shaded in for some cheeks and found a picture of eyelashes on the web... Using photoshop I was able to take out the background of the eyelashes and place them over the cheeks. It worked really well and I just then printed them all out.
The ears, horn and leaves were all cut  on my Cameo. Inside the box are some pretty foiled chocolate hearts.

They will aslo be making a little card to go with this, really simple for them to make

Now I just have to come up with something for next week...

I'm back at physio later today, it's going to take a long while before I'm fully fit. My body has to realign now my spine has been screwed into place and the internal healing will take months so I am still experiencing a fair it of discomfort from time to time... Still I'm so grateful to the skill of the surgeon for all he has done... In case you are wondering... Below is how my spine now looks... With a new 'disc' made from my own bone, scews and a cage too. Magic!

Have a wonderful day

~ Ros ~