Monday, January 07, 2013

Happy Days Beach Hut

Hello there!

Just popping in with a little project I am preparing for this week's Thursday club ... 
I always like to start the year off making notebooks or calendars for the year ahead ... well it's something they love and usually quite simple ... just a lot of prep for me.
This is what I have planned for this week

As I have a few men in the class I thought this was quite unisex ...
Of course some of the things ... the banners and flags are too fiddly for my group so I am busy sticking these together ready for them ... 
Did I tell you that one of our Christmas gifts was a hamper from Fortnum and Mason no less! 

Well they delivered 2 by mistake and when we told the person that sent it to us ... we were told to keep the 2!!! Honestly these are so expensive! But the point is that the huge cardboard boxes they came in are proving so useful  ... one belongs to the cat ... she just loves to play in it and the other one is what I am using to cut out these little beach huts

ok so I'd better get on ... got a lot of cutting and sticking to do ... I'll be back tomorrow with my DT project for CCCB ... so I'll see you then 

Have a great day!

~ Ros ~