Thursday, December 01, 2016



Happy December!

I've been trying to draw trees - So far, adding branches so they look natural is not as easy as it look, well not to me. 
 I seem to be obsessed with trees and I guess that's true ... I've always loved trees and swore I'd never live in a place that didn't have trees around. But enough of that ... 
Here's what I have to share today

I sketched some birch tree trunks (No branches Lol) and watercoloured them
I thought it would be fun to add that little deer as though he were peeking through the tree trunks, simply done by cutting it and placing pieces either side of the tree - I didn't glue the head down though because I wanted a raised look

Unfortunately, what you can't see is how sparkly this is when the light catches it as I've added tiny bits of glitter to the painted BG as well as the glittery leaves. The weather has just not been cooperative for photographs.

This will be going in a frame as I know a little girl who will love this.. She loves anything that sparkles, well who doesn't?

 I've been thrilled at the response to my efforts and would like to thank...

CAS Watercolor - For an Outstanding Design Award

Try It On Tuesday - For a Top 5 Award

Tag You're It - For a Favourites Award

And of course to you lovely people who take the time to leave me encouraging comments

Have a beautiful day and thanks so much for stopping by

~ Ros ~