Thursday, March 01, 2018

50th Wedding Anniversary

Good morning lovely people

It's so cold here! We've had snow, not a great deal, but I think that's because it is just too cold to snow. All the stores are full of summer fashions and easter eggs and somehow it just doesn't seem right Lol!
I got to visit my friend (who was actually 92) and delivered the card I shared in the last posting along with some flowers. Bless her... She wasn't sure who I was at first and when I said my name she wouldn't stop kissing me and hugging me and kept shouting to her husband "George... it's Rosalind, it's Rosalind! (always my full title)... I'm sure she will forget I came once I'd left but for that time she was so happy.

It was also another friend's 50th Wedding Anniversary last week and I'm hoping to catch up with her tomorrow... Here's the card I sent

It was s hard to photgraph but hopefully you can see the stamping done in platinum ink that adds a pretty sheen to the overall card

I kept on losing those little numbers so die cut a few, then used 2 of the zero's for wedding rings

My friend Mac let me know that I got a shout out at CAS Watercolour Challenge for this card... Thanks Mac, congrats to you too! And thank you to the lovely team at CWC, it's always an honour.

I've just finished 2 sets of projects for tonights Thursday club and I'm halfway through making next week's Mother's Day projects ... It's on the 11th March here in the UK.  There are 24 pretty unicorn gift boxes (to hold chocolate hearts) and 24 cards for them to assemble.

To all of you who are experiencing this cold snap... Be safe and stay warm and to those of you basking in the sunshine... I'm jealous haha!

Have a great day

~ Ros ~