Wednesday, September 02, 2015

September, Birthdays and Holidays

Early September...
The shops are bustling with parents and children buying uniforms and all the necessary supplies as the school term starts again.... Leaves are falling from the trees, flowers are dying out and the squirrel is rushing around my garden trying to gather anything he can before winter sets in. And we have rain... lots of it...Ginger cat is miserable and mooching around not knowing quite what to do with himself.

There are lots of birthdays this month in my circle of friends and family and DH is due to be a grandfather for the second time next week, so here's another birthday card I've made for a blog friend ... 

One way to dress up old papers is to stencil on them and add a good splash of paint Lol! This kind of looks like a galaxy now, that's not what I was aiming for but I'm ok with it

It's contrary to the white space cards I normally do and I've added a flower...I have lots of them because I always used them a lot but no so much now. I even squeezed in some watercolour on the leaves

Did I tell you we were hoping to get away this month? I so need some sunshine and rest. Well it seems that the whole world had the same idea and it's been a nightmare trying to get anything... It appears that lots of people are reluctant to travel to certain places now due to the unrest with wars, economies and other issues but yesterday I did find something and in a couple of weeks we are off to a luxury hotel in a quiet area of my favourite island Majorca. We've never stayed in this part before though we have visited it ...  People like Tom Cruise and Claudia Schiffer have properties in the area so it should be good.

Well, I'll let you get on ... Thanks so much for stopping by 
Have a great day

~ Ros ~