Wednesday, March 18, 2020

More Watercolours

Well you said you liked them ...Thank you!
I've got some more for you haha

When I opened the curtains this morning, I was amazed at how much greener the trees have become, seems like over night they suddenly sprouted leaves and it sure made me smile, which is good because my DH is driving me insane, seriously. This self isolation for certain age groups is NOT going down well in this household, especially as there is no sport to watch on TV - I may just end up on a charge if this continues...

So anyway, on to today's share before I am arrested

A little bit of pink blossom - Sort of...

Isn't it lovely to see the blossom coming out, even though the rain continues to fall here
This also fit the challenge over at Double D Challenges

Then an attempt at wisteria and purple flowers

Am I getting better at it? Not really... Am I enjoying myself - Immensely! I just need to get a lock on the craft room door Lol!
Honestly if you have any ideas on how to restrict DH from going out 3/4 times a day (for no other reason than boredom) let me know. I've exhausted every avenue short of asking Boris to house him for the next few months.

Take care my friends... I'm trying to

~ Ros ~