Sunday, August 18, 2013

Our Beautiful World

Good morning!
I hope you are well ...

Today's prompt at Our Beautiful World blog has been picked for us by sweet Milagros
The prompt is "Birthday"

Birthdays makes me think of Wishes ...

Prettily wrapped Gifts

and beautiful Bouquets ...

I confess I found this prompt quite difficult ... bearing in mind that the object is to share something from my part of the world ... No newborn animals or birds to show you ... the flowers are fading ... and my birthday is in January
So I pulled a few things from my archives to share

 January ...  In the Zodiac chart this makes me a Capricorn ... The Goat

... And in my part of the world January is cold ... often on my birthday my garden is covered in snow ...

A snowy evening in my road

If not snow ... it's cold and frosty and crisp under foot

... and evening comes in all too quickly

 What's it like in your part of the world? What does "Birthday" mean to you?
We'd love if you could share with us at Our Beautiful World ...

I'm off to the blog to see what my friends around the world have posted ... But just before I go

Yep ... This is my "Birth" Day ... Obviously not taken by me!!
My Mum looks tired, my Dad is all dressed up for the occasion and my big brother ... well he doesn't look at all impressed does he ...

Have a beautiful Sunday

~ Ros ~