Thursday, July 09, 2020

Two Little Birds

Hello friends...How are you all? Well I hope. 
I haven't had any inclination to craft lately, perhaps it's the weather - We've had non stop rain for more than a week and life is so much better when I can spend some time in the garden albeit it that it's starting to look like a jungle. 

Still, I have lots of paintings that I've never got around to sharing including these little birds.  Actually this one's a plump little guy

 They're not supposed to be any particular bird... I just make them up and choose whatever colour takes my fancy
 They will no doubt end up in my lockdown album which has also been abandoned lately...
The trims on both cards are from my stash, I've ribbons and buttons and all manner of things that never get used. I did have a purge but kept some "just in case" as you do.
My friends were thrilled with their little coffee cup cards by the way, oh and I was thrilled to see an old photo this week... My friend in New Jersey must have had this one and her daughter posted it on F/B. 

Obviously it was taken more than 50 years ago... She's at the back and I'm on the right... The little boy and baby are her cousins. It took me back and gave me a warm feeling of the happy times we spent together and how different the world was then.

Okay so that's it for today... 
Stay well, be happy and I'll catch up with you soon

~ Ros ~