Monday, September 27, 2021

Little wonky Houses

Good morning friends...

The sun is just putting in an appearance after a night of heavy rain and high winds which have left a ton of leaves around...

Today I have a couple of my paintings to share - Anyone who follows me will know I have a penchant for little houses. I love those little driftwood ones up on Pinterest and I have something similar on my mantle

Aren't they sweet? The shells are lights by the way. Anyway I had a desire to paint some myself

...Cos I love the sea

 I even pulled out a cover plate and used part of the die cut on the bottom of the card

Some old Rubons were perfect for the sentiment and whilst looking for them I discovered a bottle of Puffy Stuff, well why not...

Then again a little place not so close to the sea would be just as good, a solitary place to paint and sketch all day and maybe a little sewing too

And I added some of the negative bits from that coverplate to the top of the card. One thing I still love are my frame dies, though I don't know what this one is, probably a set from Aliexpress.

I think I may even do some Christmassy houses... Oh wait did I just say the "C" word...

Have a lovely day and thanks again for your visit and your kind comments

Till soon

~ Ros ~