Thursday, February 04, 2016

Mixed Media and Mishaps

Hello there ...

Well, DH recovered from his virus within a few days (he always does) but having kindly passed it around I'm struggling and my son has been quite ill for a while now ... Of course I want to fuss him but hey, he's a grown man and wont let me... They don't quite get it, that's what a Mum's does for the rest of her life..

On friday I had a mishap ... I have no idea how, what or why but DH discovered my cell phone in the washing up... I kid you not! We tried the usual things- placed it in a bowl of rice overnight but that thing was never going to come back to life...sigh
Fortunately I got a good deal on a new one and then had to email everyone to get their numbers again. At least I had downloaded most of my photos.
So... having completed my DT work I decided to play around with paints and stencils etc., Inspired by Gabrielle Pollacco's gorgeous canvas Here

I just used anything I had in my stash and this is my take

It's been a while since I got messy and just lost myself, I really enjoyed it... Plus I found a way to use my empty perfume bottles. They are often such pretty shapes and it seems a shame to toss them out... Using a pair of pliers it was easy(-ish) to remove the spray top

Actually I could add a real flower and a little water because the bottle is quite light - here's a few more photos

Yesterday I played around with water colour paints, trying to stay withing the lines whilst colouring has never been easy for me but I love to practice. Then again I love to see the paint randomly flow over the paper when drenched with water ... there's something relaxing and magical about it.
I'll share some things later in the week - 

Thanks for popping by

Have a good day

~ Ros ~