Sunday, February 14, 2016


Hello and Happy Valentines Day!

It's time for a new word prompt at

This week it's Mandy's choice and the word she chose is Up!

Well, I wouldn't like that guy's job for anything... I don't do heights at all and this is what he is Up on


This huge bridge goes right across the river in Lisbon and carries vehicles as well as a train line below
I took the photo whilst cruising in the Mediterranean and much as I loved cruising, my nightmare was having to go Up the steps to get on the ship


Having a fear of heights is no fun... But my great niece has no fear whatsoever... Since a mere toddler she has climbed Up anything she could - the higher the better

The Liverpool Eye was a doddle to her

Bet she'd love to go Up on this one, built in the side of the cliff at La Coruna


Take a peek at what my friend's are sharing Up on the Blog today...

Just as a side note ... I have spent ages trying to upload the photos on my post...Blogger is not co-operating so I had to drag and drop and even then they were not right ... 

Enjoy your Valentine's Day

Till soon

~ Ros ~