Sunday, October 11, 2015


Good morning lovely friends

I've chosen the word "Weather" as this week's prompt over at 

Talking about the weather is a British pastime... Honestly, we strike up conversations with complete strangers at bus stops, train station, shops etc., with talk of the weather. We complain endlessly about it... It's so cold, it's too hot... It's too wet ... 
Actually we are very fortunate, we don't have tornados, earthquakes or hurricanes... We have 4 seasons that perhaps are totally unbalanced but in my part of the country rain is probably more frequent than anything else

I remember when my son was only 2 ... I'd saved desperately for a little holiday with my Mum in a caravan near the sea ... there we were on the beach, the sky was black and we were in raincoats carrying umbrellas but having such fun haha!

It's nice to have a downpour when it's followed by sunshine

Then again we could have sunshine one day and wake to this the next day

I guess that's why our weather is such a talking point ... It's completely unpredictable!

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Have a wonderful day

~ Ros ~