Sunday, February 23, 2014


Hello ...

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Our prompt this week has been selected for us by Bonita ... She 's chosen a wonderful word...


It's been a little harsh in the UK weather wise ... as indeed I'm sure it has where many of you are living ... my week has been much like the weather
But it's the Softness around me that keeps me smiling

Like the Soft delicate creamy pinks of my carnations

and the Soft velvety feel of a petals on a rose

... or the fluffy Soft...ness of feathers

But most of all it's the warm silky Soft...ness of this little guy

... with his gentle Soft purring when he comes in from the cold and settles on his Soft fleece blanket
I have a huge Soft spot when it comes to animals

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Till soon

~ Ros ~