Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Christmas Market

On Thursday my DH and I caught a train to Manchester to visit the Christmas market
It was cold but relatively dry and we had a fun day ...
I forgot to take my camera ... but I did have my phone ... so apologies for the quality of my photos

It was a 20 minute walk from the station and we passed the beautiful 100 year old Midland Hotel

Afternoon tea here costs £20 per person ... If you want a champagne afternoon tea it will set you back £26 ... We didn't stop ... We headed for Santa

Here he is outside the town hall ... the array of chalet stalls meandered around the city and the smells were delicious!

There were stalls selling garlic

Sausages of every variety

French macaroons

Though I was more taken by this in the background

pretty huh?

There were stalls selling hot food, cold food, coffees and liqueurs ... more chocolates and sweets than I could believe ... 
We gave into temptation and grabbed a lamb burger with stilton cheese

There were plenty of Santa's

... and snowmen

and especially for my German friend Barbara ... Moose!

This cute variety I love ... but not the real stuffed heads of once live moose

And look at the array of cuties for the garden

Hey! How did DH get in there again? He's not as smart as this guy huh?

He knows I love a man in uniform ...

For hours we wandered around taking in the sites and scents ... displays from all around Europe selling everything from food to fine jewellery ...

Darkness started to fall and the lights were so pretty

Even in the local pub

It was time to head home 

We strolled through the streets of Manchester ... taking in shop windows with fabulous displays ... street side coffee bars that were so tempting, bathed in the glow of the Christmas lights
A fine day was had by all and I can promise you I slept like a log that night!

Till soon

~ Ros ~