Sunday, March 08, 2015

Black & White

Hello there

This week it's Manuela's turn to pick a photographic prompt for 

The prompt is Black and White

These are two of my less troublesome cats ... ornaments given to me years ago by friends
Little did we know then that Gyspy would come into our home

A black and white cat with a strong will and the strangest behaviour I have ever known in a cat 

On the same shelf stands another cat ornament that is very like my fat Ginger cat 

.. so I had to include this shot

My DH has been working on a project for his Local History class ... or rather I have been working on a project for him Lol! He's doing a brief history on John Lennon Airport and it includes lots of Black and White photos

I like black and white photos ... they are so much more flattering and I have a frame of family favourites on the wall of my hallway

I'm sure you can find many photos that fit this weeks' prompt ... I hope you'll share them with us at 

Our Beautiful world

Hop over and visit the rest of the team to see what they've come up with


Have a lovely Sunday my friends

~ Ros ~


Robyn Oliver said...

Oh wow Ros - a fabulous black and white post; Gypsy was prefect model and I do love you family photo frame. Nice work with the airport history, that will be an interesting project. Have a wonderful week Cheers Robyn

Manuela said...

great post Ros, cute photo from the black and white cat! looks very pretty with the white feet and a scarf around the neck.

Diane said...

Fun seeing the beautiful Gypsy..she is so pretty...your frame grouping is beautiful as well! Hope you are seeing bits of Spring, it is warming up a bit, but we still have so much ugly snow to melt!!

Darnell said...

What a great presentation for the prompt, Ros! Your post is filled with wonderful images!! TFS! Hugs, Darnell

Unknown said...

Beautiful shots Ros, you're right, black and white photos are so much prettier (and makes you look so much younger, too, lol!)
Ira’s Crea Corner

Zue said...

Black and white cats are the best.
My favourite photos are black and white.
Hope you are doing ok, Ros.
Sue x

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

That is one awesome post Ros!

Kara Lynne said...

Wonderful black and white items, especially your cat and family photos!

Maria said...

All wonderful photos, Ros! Those are sweet cats on the shelf! Photo of Gypsy is so pretty! Reminds me of our first cat, Misty. And, all the black/white photos are so awesome!

Pamellia said...

Gorgeous photos Ros, Gypsy looks like she fits right in there. lol Love the photo layout on your wall, stunning! hugs :)

Unknown said...

Such a great post Ros, I love the photos of your kitty. Makes me miss my cats. Hope you have an awesome week my friend.


Linda Breedlove said...

LOVE those cat photos, Ros. Your figurines are darling!

Stella said...

Ros this is a wonderful post; hte cat ornaments are so vute! I love that Ginger-look-a-like too:)
I also love black and white photos.They are more subtle and as you wrote; more flattering.
That history project about John Lennon Airport looks interesting; can I see this project in April?

Barbara said...

What a fantastic shot of Gypsy! She sure knows how to pose... I can't believe she gave you time to finish the photograph! Lovely post.

Tracy said...

I never would have guessed you'd use cats for your black and white prompt. hee hee Great shots! I guess Gypsy has been staying home and out of trouble lately. That collage of photos you made is fantastic. Did you do that yourself? I love the mix of frame styles.

Sylvia said...

Gorgeous cats, both troublesome one and the porcelain ones. I am jealous of the figurines, I have a fabulous collection, but none like those! My favorite is a pink and white china one that my great aunt gave me...funny how much we love our cats! I am just now catching up!

Davi said...

Awesome pics on the black and white!!What a cute pic of Gypsy. It must be a black and white deal, my B&W cat was the strangest too :) I love your little figurines too!

Davi said...

Awesome pics on the black and white!!What a cute pic of Gypsy. It must be a black and white deal, my B&W cat was the strangest too :) I love your little figurines too!

Greta said...

Love your photos, Ros! The family photos are really neat & I love the cat ornaments! So fun they match your real life cats--Gypsy is a cutie!

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