Sunday, July 19, 2015


Good morning!

It's my turn to pick a prompt for this week at 

I thought we could have some fun with the word 
It kinda conjures up many things don't you think?

Here's some photo's I came up with

Beautiful layers of petals on my roses

These have a wonderful scent

Layers of pretty balconies

Layers of houses and vineyards on the Amalfi coast

Layers of cabins, balconies and portholes 

Hop on over to the Blog to see what the rest of the team have come up with for this prompt ... We'd love it if you shared your photos of layers this week too

Enjoy your day!

~ Ros ~


Greta said...

Very creative choices for your "layers" pictures, Ros--love seeing these!

Astrid Maclean said...

A great theme and wonderful diverse photos!

Lorraine said...

Your photos show many beautiful layers. Great idea.

Davi said...

What a fabulous job you did with the layers prompt Ros! I Love all the cool pics but I especially love the balconies one!!

Tracy said...

Oh my goodness those roses are magnificent. Great photos and great use of the prompts. :-)

mandysea said...

the rose is majestic in natures glory... look at its fragrant layering. Love the storeys of the building, ship and village-scape... gorgeous photography.

Stella said...

Brilliant choice of photos; I love your roses and that impressive cruise boat.
Oh I wish I could sit in your garden :)

Sylvia said...

Beautiful photo's Ros, but then they always are...such an artist with your camera!

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Beautiful post, that yellow roses look just like ours at the backyard!

Manuela said...

fantastic layered photos, the rose is so pretty and the boat is so huge amazing that they can swim!
your cards are beautiful, especially the cute card with the cats in the window.

Diane said... we go again with all your gorgeous photos...those Roses are GORGEOUS..mine look sick compared to these...I can almost smell them!!

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Ros, I haven't been by to comment on your 'Layers' photos earlier because I'm still in awe of that glorious yellow's been happily alive in my mind all week...just stunning, wish I had flowers like that in my garden. Oh and all your our photos are just fabulous pics of layers

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