Sunday, May 01, 2016

Our Beautiful World

Good Morning - Happy May!

Wen has picked the prompt for 

This week it's "From a Low Angle"

 A palm tree from a low angle - I love the textures here

We were just about to sail under this bridge in Lisbon when I spotted a train

Looking up at the glass cover balconies in La Coruna ... They do it to protect themselves from the wind that whips up from the sea ...We visited this place whilst on a cruising holiday and I have to say that other than the architecture there was little to offer here - Not a place I would wish to visit again that for sure

Ok... So I was going to go outside and do some shots in the garden but abandoned that idea and here's why

I did take a couple of shots from a low angle but through the window

This is May in the UK!

At least the flowers are loving the rain

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Have a great day

~ Ros ~


riitta k said...

Great shots, especially I like the street view. We had terrible weather the whole week but today the sun is shining. I wish the sun appears there too. Happy sunny and warm May!

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Lovely pictures from a low angle, and happy May day!

Greta said...

Doesn't that apply to every month in the UK?!--just kidding! I did have to buy a wool sweater when I was there that summer so long ago. The picture of the palm tree is amazing--what a shot, Ros!

Stella said...

I hope you can soak up some sun soon...... Last week has been cold here; just as it has been in the UK. But it's gettng better. I LOVE that photo you took of the bridge with the train; fabulous!

Davi said...

I love all the different shots you shared Ros! The palm tree with all the texture and colors really is outstanding!! Hope you have great weather on your trip. Here we are expected to hit 100 degrees by Wednesday, I would go for a little rain :)

Leslie Miller said...

May in the UK looks a lot like May on the Oregon coast. We're enjoying beautiful sun right now, but expecting rain again by Wednesday. Oh, well, it makes everything lush. Beautiful photos, Ros!

Maria said...

Gorgeous photos, Ros! Love seeing everything from the low angle, especially the palm tree...fabulous! Hope you see the sun soon! We are getting rainy cold weather here. Hope to see the sun by Saturday!:-)

Linda Breedlove said...

Gorgeous shots, Ros!!!!!!

Ariadne said...

All the palm trees are getting sick and die in Greece!AriadnefromGreece!

Diane said...

Wonderful pics once again..I love seeing all you capture on camera!!

Wen Green said...

Beautiful photos, Ros, that train on the bridge shot is so well timed! I hope the weather is getting better for you. Here it is sunny now, thank goodness :)

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