Sunday, December 04, 2016

Our beautiful World

This week's prompt at Our Beautiful World is 
Picked for us by Kirsty

We've had some beautiful sunsets this week and they reflect Peacefulness to me

In a world that is anything but peaceful and a season that should be peaceful but has everyone running around like ants... It pays to take the time to just look up to the sky

See the stillness in the trees and feel the calmness in the air... Just breathe and remember that we are a tiny part of a vast universe..
Whether it be a sunset or a frosty morning

It needs no words... Only silence and peace

A moment off the treadmill of life we are all on

Share your Peaceful photos with us this week at 

And take a moment to visit the blog to see what the rest of the team is sharing

Wishing you all a peaceful day

~ Ros ~


Sylvia said...

Beautiful photo's Ros, they indeed look so peaceful...Happy Sunday!

Leslie Miller said...

A forest or a wooded lane or a garden says "peace" to me. Your photos are beautiful, Ros. There's some scary weird stuff going on in the world. I have just three words: Golden Retriever bubble. It's where I find my smiles. Thanks for sharing a bit of calming perspective.

Greta said...

Beautiful post, Ros--just what I needed today.

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

I just love those photos, I sure feel peaceful looking at them, thanks for sharing!

riitta k said...

Your photos are beautiful Ros. Peaceful December!

Pamellia Johnson said...

Wow Ros, brilliant examples of peaceful! Love that one with the light rays coming through the trees. wow. I think I may have a few that fit this week. sending hugs :)

Daniela said...

I feel so enchanted with your beautiful photographs, darling Ros, thank you for sharing them !

Hope your week is off to a good start,
I'm sending my dearest love to you

Xx Dany

Stella said...

You know that I always look forward to your photos. And these are stunning. I also love what you wrote. Wise words and so so true.

mandysea said...

I came to comment (finally) on your beautifully stunning 'peaceful' photos to also ending up 'gasping' at your beautifully stunning Christmas cards as well! oooooh Ros!! You are soooo talented!

Diane said...

Beautiful and calming photos of which the entire world could use it seems...gorgeous as always, thanks for sharing!

Barbara said...

The treadmill of life... thank you for taking me off it for that precious moment! Great pictured - as always.

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