Free Postcards

These are free Postcards for your Personal Use
They are photos of my Great Aunt to which I have added some digital text and postmarks


~ Ros ~


Zue said...

Just found these. Wow, what a gorgeous lady!
I may just use them if you don't mind, of course, I will refer them back to you. Is tht ok?

They are amazing and the great thing is, not everyone in the world will have them.

cheers, Ros!

Thatstencil Stencil said...

They are lovely, I have saved them for future use as well, thank you

Jan x

Mona Pendleton said...

Wow Ros! What fabulous photos! She is so glamorous! Thanks for sharing!

Mary Decker said...

Your aunt is very beautiful! How kind of you to share her beauty with us and include the embellishments!

I have just started into genealogy. so these postcards will have extra meaning to me! Thank you very much!

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