Thursday, October 19, 2017

Blue Flowers

Hello there... I hope you are all well?

It's been a while and boy do I miss not being able to spend time on the computer and sit at my craft table. I've done a lot of baking lately as that doesn't require sitting and relieves the boredom but
I am able to sit for a little longer at a time now so I took advantage of that when Pat came over yesterday... We pulled out some unused stamp sets and played about and I managed to make a couple of cards...

Whilst I have a few ink pads, not many of them are co-ordinating ones and many are years old, so I stuck with a few blues that still are usable 

Whilst the first card was done using the misti, this next one wasn't so the stamping is not as good but it's all about handmade right?

... and I'm sure the recipient won't mind

 Both cards will be on their way to sweet blog friends...

Wishing you all a wondeful day

~ Ros ~


Friday, October 13, 2017

Thinking of you...


Well the glitter was still out so here's another little card

...Using up one of the many sponged, painted and splattered pieces I've created and have sitting in a box...

Glitter isn't the easiest thing to photograph huh?

I managed to get to the club class last night and had pre-prepared projects for everyone - It was noisy and very busy!
My appointent for the clinic was a painful one... Anyone who has ever had to endure their muscles pummelled will understand. Lol! The muscles are compressing the nerves in my leg but I'm hopefull 
that things will improve. Thanks so much for your kind thoughts and wishes, it means a lot.

Well, on with the exercises... 

Have a great day!

~Ros ~

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

This, That and Felicity's Birthday

Hello there...

A special little girl celebrates her first birthday shortly... My DH's Granddaughter Felicity
I can't believe how fast the time has gone!

Her parents are having a little party for her on Sunday in Derbyshire and though we have been invited,  I am unable to travel and DH refuses to go without me so we'll catch up with them another time.... Between you and me I'm happy I'm not going - It was Grandparents Day here a week ago and once again my hubby didn't get a single card from any of his 4 grandchildren... I know it hurts him and it makes me so mad!

Anyway, here's the card I've made for Felicity

Ink blending, stamping, masking and lots of glitter...

I cut out her name using the Cameo and stamped the polar bear (Yeah, I know he's a Christmas bear but I like him) before I removed the letters then put some double sided tape on the back and individually glittered each letter... I also used a die to cut out the balloons and glittered them too...Heck I'll be cleaning up glitter for the next few weeks! 

The little butterfly was from anther stamp set I got online - I love to mix and match

On another note, I went to my back appointment on Friday and had some acupuncture and manipulation which 'popped' something in my back and at least relieved the pain in my groin... I felt much better though it was still painful to sit ... Then when I woke on Saturday I was in so much pain down my leg I wanted to scream. DH was beside himself because nothing relieved the pain all day and night... Thankfully it has subsided to allow me less discomfort. I am due back there tomorrow for neurology testing and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that on Thursday I won't be screaming. I know it's going to be a long process but if it works and I can be 'normal' again after 9 months of struggling, well it will be worth it.

Finally I just want to thank the team at AAA Cards for awarding my card 1st place in their Autumn Colours challenge... That was something to smile about!

Ok... I have to move now so I'll wish you all a lovely day/evening

Take care

~ Ros ~

Friday, October 06, 2017

Another Birthday

Hello there...

It's Pat's birthday today and unfortunately I didn't get to spend time with her as I had planned on Wednesday ... I just wasn't well enough.
I'm feeling better but still struggling with a nerve trapped in my groin, so this afternoon I have an appointment with someone who maybe able to help me... Fingers crossed.
Pat did come by yesterday evening to check on me and to collect her card and gifts so I can share her card today and one of the gifts I gave her...

Another die that I hadn't used was this dragonfly frame... It's a bit of a 'busy' card for me but my excuse is that I haven't been feeling well and my mojo took a hit Lol!

I also made her a little teddy too... 

After all, she's followed my journey in this hobby 

I know she will love this, she already has a bunny I made...

That's it for now... Have a lovely day 

~ Ros ~

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Snuggle Buddy

Hello there...

I thought I'd just share the little snuggle buddy I made for my friend who is recovering from a mini stroke

He's all dressed for bed and looking forward to his new home ...

I hope she likes him ... We are never too old to enjoy a teddy bear.

That's all I have for now... I'm not feeling so good but Pat is coming over and she's bound to make me feel better...

Have a great day

~ Ros ~

Saturday, September 30, 2017

NBUS Challenge

Hello there ...

A quick post today with a card I'm entering in the NBUS challenge over on the lovely Darnell's blog...

In the midst of all the goings on last week I had a text to say that one of my girlfriends had suffered a mini stroke... I'm making a little crocheted teddy to send to her with the card I am sharing today

I've acummulated a few new dies and stencils that I haven't yet used so I opened a couple to make this card
The die is from The Works and the flower stencil I bought from an online store

I kept with bright and cheerful colours for my flowers and smooshed the die cut leaves in versamark then heat embossed them - I also die cut the leaves in foam and glued them together - not only to give it dimension but it makes it a little stronger for posting. 

Before I go I just want to say a big thank you to the ladies at CAS Watercolour Challenge for my award this week ... As we say in Liverpool "I'm chuffed!"

Have yourselves a lovely day and thanks so much for stopping by my blog today

~ Ros ~

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Autumnal Colours

Hello... It's good to be back

My Aunt arrived last Friday (finally) and left yesterday... She looked amazing and was just her old self, not quite what I expected really considering her recent health issues but she was as fiesty as ever and somehow still defying the ageing process
 We viewed a number of properties whilst she was here with the view to her moving nearer the family, but suffice to say nothing pleased her and I can't see anything changing in the future... 'Nuff said.

 I have a little card to share that I made last week whilst I was with Pat... I'm squeezing into the challenge at AAA Cards before it closes...

I smooshed cardstock with various distress inks and then die cut the leaves... then I did some dry embossing with the same die over the leaves

The Eiffel tower die was cut both in CS and in foam to give it dimension and then I applied Versamark all over the die cut and embossed it with a mix of silver and gold embossing powders.

The sentiment was stamped and embossed to match... 

I just love the colours of Autumn... I desperately try to hold on to our brief summers here in the UK but the golds, reds and yellows of Autumn are a beautiful distraction from the inevitable winter weather that seems to last forever and sneaks in unannounced, so quickly.
Did I tell you that our hedgehogs have been visiting regularly every evening? We feed them and it's good to see them so plump before they hibernate and boy can they run!

Have a beautiful day and I'll catch you soon

~ Ros ~

Thursday, September 21, 2017

CAS Watercolour Challenge

Hello again...

I had a fun afternoon with Pat and we made a few autumnal type cards and then this morning I came across another 'left over' watercolour piece I had so I'm squeezing in a quick card for this months challenge at the CAS Watercolour Challenge

Here's my entry....

I thought this kind of looked like fireworks lighting up the sky... Lots of colours with splashes of white and gold paint so I went with it

The sentiment was computer generated and even the skyline (one of my favourites) was also a left over

Sometimes it pays to keep all those bits ...

Wishing you all a lovely day 

~ Ros ~

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Hello there...

It's seems ages since I posted and it's certainly been ages since I did any papercrafting... I hope to rectify that today when Pat visits. With all that has been taking up my time I haven't had chance to get together with Pat so I'm looking forward to an afternoon of crafting. 
Thank you so much for your well wishes for my husband and my Aunt... I spent yesterday at the hospital with my DH and I am so happy to report that whilst they did find a rather large growth, it is benign.... YAY!
As for my Aunt, well things seems to have settled down and she is expected here on Friday (fingers crossed)... I have made so many plans that had to be cancelled time and time again, my brother and I are slowly losing the plot Lol!

So all I have to share today is my little daffodil girl... 

Crocheting has kept me sane as my sciaitica doesn't allow me time to sit for long on a hard chair, at least I can keep occupied on the couch

 ...And I love creating these dolls and learning as I go

Here are the two girls, Bluebell and Daffodil together 

 I hope to have some cards to share with you soon... Until then I'll enjoy seeing yours

Have a wonderful day and take care

~ Ros ~

Friday, September 15, 2017


Hello... Happy friday!
Rain has held off so far today and the sun is shining so that can't be bad. I haven't done any papercrafting lately except for club stuff, instead I got out my crochet hooks and I'd like to introduce you to Bluebell
I'm progressing slowly and here I experimented with making curly hair - I used a pencil to wrap wool around, heated it with my heat tool and voila! It worked!

I found the pattern for the boots Here   I did find them a bit fiddly at first but I succeeded and added my own little frill to them. 
The dress was another story... I'm slowly learning to find my own way

...So much so that her friend "Daffodil" is almost finished too. 
As for my Aunt, well she finally got the go ahead to travel and then the hospital called asking her for more blood tests... They were supposed to do them yesterday but once again it's been cancelled until next week.
I have a strong belief that everything happens for a purpose so I'm just happy to wait... And anyway my hubby has to go to hospital next week... They found an abnormality in one of his scans, fingers crossed it will be ok.... It's been a hectic few weeks but at least I can lose myself in my hobbies.
I hope you have a lovely day and your upcoming weekend is a good one...
Till soon
~ Ros ~

Monday, September 11, 2017

Embossed Die Cuts

Good morning...

There's a challenge going on at Happy Little Stampers with Die Cuts

I have a card I made when I was playing with my embossing powders and left over die cuts that will fit the bill

Sometimes those odd pieces that you never thought would go together just do

Ok, maybe a bit unusual to have coral with a heart and a piece of honeycombe Lol!  But I like it.
You can probably see the difference in the embossing... On the coral die cuts I used silver and gold but the sentiment and little pieces from the honeycombe are embossed with a mix of both...

...And the heart has been splattered with silver and rose gold drawing ink that I picked up at The Works

It's lashing down with rain here and I know that some of you are experiencing far worse... My thoughts are with you

Take care and thanks so much for stopping by

~ Ros ~

Thursday, September 07, 2017

Me and the Flower Girl

Well hello... 
It's a very wet and dull day here and hubby is sulking because it's a golf day...But it's a far cry from those suffering the storms sweeping across the world... My heart goes out to everyone affected, I just cannot imagine being in their shoes...

Well, unfortunately our plans changed this week and my Aunt couldn't come to visit...A doctor should have come to see her to give her the 'all clear to go' and didn't turn up, so hopefully all being well, we may have her here next week.

I took a day out to recoup and then immersed myself into the projects for Thursday Club that started last night and I hope to catch up with you all today.

I'm still doing a little crocheting and a few weeks ago I made a little flower girl

I'm teaching myself as I go 

And it's brilliant to be able to look up just about anything on Pinterest, not that I can sit at the computer for any length of time - Blast this sciatica!

And I don't always get it right... I made lots of leaves and don't think I got 2 the same! Yesterday I tried making curly hair for another doll I'm doing and I was thrilled that it worked

So from me and the flower girl, that's it for now...

I hope you have a beautiful day and please be safe

~ Ros ~

Monday, September 04, 2017

Thank You

Good morning!
I do hope you had a lovely weekend... 

A couple of weeks ago Pat and I were invited to lunch as a thank you for the work we do at Thursday Club.... I can't believe how quickly the weeks have gone and a new term starts this week!
Anyway, I made a quick Thank You card to send

When I say quick... It was mostly made up of left over bits

The Thank You stamp was a gift from my friend Stella and is embossed in silver whilst the flowers and foliage have been embossed in gold... Seems a bit of a trend with me lately Lol!

Well, tomorrow big brother and I are off to Lincoln... I can't tell you how many times my Aunt has changed her mind about moving and we decided that perhaps if we collect her and bring her to stay for a couple of days, she could see the available properties herself and we could all be together to discuss things.... She is seeing a cadiac nurse today who will explain the situation regarding her health -  After all, a move may not be recommended. 
As she can't climb stairs, hubby and I spent yesterday moving furniture from a room downstairs so we could convert it into a bedroom and hopefully she will be comfortable. It was so funny to watch the cats, talk about curiosity, they thought is was marvellous that furniture was being moved around... They took turns of climbing inside an emptied out cupboard, then went under the bed, which I'm sure they think is for them,  explored the empty upstairs bedroom as though they had never seen it before and delighted in finding a couple of their toys had resurfaced... Lol!

I hope to catch up with you all later in the week, have a good one!

~ Ros ~

Thursday, August 31, 2017

A Bit of Sparkle

You ever get the feeling you want to just hide and let someone else take care of things for awhile? That's how I feel today .. It's just the way life is sometimes

Well how about some glitter to add a little sparkle I said to myself... I know, when did I last use glitter? Lol! Though there was a time I never made a card without it. That was in the days I went through my shabby chic faze... But I moved on and these have smooched backgrounds

I used 2 distress oxide inks  Broken China and Cracked Pistachio and one ordinary distress ink Blueprint Sketch... Well, I only own 3 oxide inks so far but I love these colours

I don't have much in the way of glitter anymore either... This is an old one by Kaban

My next card also has acetate covering it so not easy to photograph but I didn't want any of that glitter to shed

I have a feeling Miss Sophia may claim this one, she loves glittery things

Both cards were done the same ... Die cutting the images out of the smooched BG and then adding double sided adhesive in the negative part and burnishing the glitter into the space...

Well I feel better already...

Have a lovely day my friends

~ Ros ~


Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Hi there...

Well having had a warm and sunny bank holiday weekend, the weather has turned today and it's gone quite cool...sigh

I went to see a prospective property for my Aunt today, even though it appears she had decided to stay in Lincoln - I'd made the appointment last week so thought I'd still go along and check it out and I was very pleasantly surprised... It's pretty near perfect - just needs a little updating. So when talking to her earlier I mentioned it and she was thrilled! Seems the move maybe back on the cards again! I tell 'ya, my head is all over the place! Thank goodness I can lose myself in creativity from time to time...

Here's another card from one of my watercoloured pieces

I used some translucent embossing paste through a dots stencil and then Versamark through a leaf stencil which I embossed in gold

You can just about make out the shine of the translucent paste

The die cuts were smooched in Versamark and embossed with a mix of gold and silver embossing powders - That little hello die by Technique Tuesday was a gift from Lol & Bonnie at CAS Watercolour... Those ladies are just the sweetest! Thank you both so much!
I still felt my card needed 'something' and I remembered how my friend Darnell had recently used score lines on one of her recent cards and it looked fabulous so that's what I did too.

I've got to run - I have a cake in the oven - A recipe from Pinterest (how I love that place) it's a blueberry and peach cake and it looks divine! Hubby's mouth is watering Lol!

Catch up with you later in the week...

Take care

~ Ros ~
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