Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Rusty Arch & Seahorse

 Hello there... Lovely that you popped in today

We're having such crazy weather here, from beautiful blue skies and sunshine one minute to torrential rain, lightening and hailstones all in one day. We managed to get the flagging in the garden professionally cleaned and now I can't even go out to enjoy it...The cats seem to think it's my fault and they've been so grouchy you wouldn't believe.
See how clean it looks though


You can see those black clouds heading over again

Anyway, I did get a visit from a friend yesterday and that was really enjoyable. So today I have two very different cards to share, both using up bits I had laying around

This is Paris through the rusty arch (It's all that rain!)

A little bit of pen and paint and a lot of embossing with different powders

The frame and bicycle were originally white die cuts and though the Eiffel tower is a digital, with the help of an embossing pen I managed to cover that too.

The next one is an unusual combination... A seahorse and a butterfly?

Well the butterfly frame is a very old digital... I collected lots over the years and finally went through them all disposing of a lot but not the frames. The seahorse was cut from a piece of alcohol inked photo paper and never used so I added some liquid pearls and a gem for his eye to make him feel special. 

Male seahorses are special I think, after all they carry the baby eggs until they hatch. Can you imagine a man carrying a baby for us ladies? No, me either Lol! 
A little bit of paint, a scrap die cut and there you have it, a butterfly and a seahorse, unusual but I like it.

Well I've kept you long enough... Have a beautiful day and stay well

Till next time

~ Ros ~


Maria said...

Oh, such a lovely garden area to enjoy, Ros! It looks so lovely! Your cards are very pretty! Love the awesome embossing on the first card! Wonderful Eiffel Tower and bicycle! And second card is so unique in wonderful color! Fab seahorse and pretty butterfly! Well done as always! Take care and enjoy your beautiful garden, hugs!!

Diane said...

Beautiful cards! The Paris one is intriguing and I love how you created the rustic look! Great design for the seahorse too, he looks so majestic! Your garden area is beautiful such a pretty place to sit and enjoy the beauty, sunshine and have tea, when it's NOT raining of course! I'll bring the scones lol!!

Inkyfingers said...

What a lovely pair of cards, Ros! They both look so artistic and remind me of ones you would see in an art gallery gift shop. I particularly love the composition of the Parisian card - adding a bicycle is perfect and I can imagine popping a baguette into the basket and riding off! Such a handsome seahorse too and he gets a gazillion brownie points for carrying the babies.
Hope you get some time to enjoy the spruced-up garden in between the rain and hail lol!
Take care.
Carol x

Marcia Hill said...

Your cards are absolutely GORGEOUS as usual Ros...I love them both!! I am so glad you included pictures of your garden area...what a lovely, lovely area you have to sit and enjoy the sun and flowers in (when it's not raining of course!)!! We haven't had much rain lately but it's been very cool here and only getting into the 40's...brrrrr!! It's supposed to start warming up this weekend into the 60's though and I'm so excited I can hardly stand it!! Hope the weather clears up soon for you too! Hugs. :0)

Christine Alexander said...

Great selection of cards Ros, that digi frame with the butterfly is gorgeous :)

Carole said...

Hi Ros...two lovely cards. Great compositions and very different and exclusive looking. I din't know about the male seahorses...good on them! xx

I Card Everyone said...

I love your garden, and your flagging does look fabulous, Ros! Wouldn't it be grand if it stayed this way forever?
Love the look of your rusty arch, and bicycle, Ros - those are fabulous embossing powders you have there!
I've seen many, many butterflies [this digi is gorgeous] but the only seahorses I've seen were in an Aquarium - just love watching them - thanks for making me love them more with that bit of new knowledge!
Gorgeous cards, my friend!

Pat said...

Two wonderful cards and with interesting combinations of images, and I love the wonderful embossed metallic look of the Eiffel Tower and bicycle, and then the pretty seahorse over the die cut trellis, and the scripted corner with the butterfly finishes it beautifully. Your garden looks amazing and the cleaned slabs really show off the plants...a lovely space to sit out in. x

Sandy said...

You have given us quite an interesting post today! Your patio looks fantastic.
Two creative cards and as usual very well done. I have to say I like the sea horse one the best. Your design work with it and the coloring of the sea horse is absolutely grand!
Sandy xx

nancy littrell said...

Your flagging looks beautiful along with your garden area, Ros. You will be out there soon to enjoy:-) Two beautiful cards using your leftovers too. TFS your cards and creative details too. I am headed outside to water..we actually need rain. Love and Hugs...Nancy

Bonnie said...

Unusual but so interesting and fun, Ros! Love that digital frame and the die cut! A very special seahorse indeed! Love your view of Paris too! Awesome gate and bicycle!

Greta said...

Your garden is beautiful! I really love seeing your lilacs! Mine are so puny compared to yours, but I still enjoyed them. Gorgeous cards, as always, my friend! Sending hugs, Greta

Mac Mable said...

What a beautiful outside area you have Ros. Both cards are so creative and extra loving the rust effect on the fabulous Paris card x.

HilaryJane said...

We had our patio cleaned professionally last year, it was amazing, you almost don't want to put anything on it so it stays that way. A year on it still looks good but there is some staining from my pots, I have loads. Love your lilac, bet it smells wonderful. your cards a great too, your embossed frame and bike make a really good scene on your first card and I love the different textures and colours on your second. The butterfly with the seahorse actually works, who'd have thought? xx

Papercraft Boutique said...

Both cards are terrific, Ros!
Love your mixed embossing powder technique. The results are wonderful. The AI photo paper is perfect for the seahorse. The liquid pearls and the gem are elegant embellishment.
I didn't know that male seahorses carry the baby eggs! :-o
The combination of the butterfly and the seahorse makes the card look like a modern art piece.
Hideko xx
p.s. Your garden looks beautiful (and clean)! Thanks for sharing the photos.

Loll said...

Two amazing cards, Ros! I LOVE your Eiffel Tower through the rusty frame. Great watercoloured background scene, and amazing texture on your frame and bicycle. LOVE IT! The second card is so artsy and fun! The seahorse is amazing done in alcohol inks. Beautiful colours. You've made him look very special with the pearls and gem. Great design with your framed background and the die-cut "netting" background. xx

Barbara said...

Such gorgeous cards! You are back to your Paris theme of a few years ago... love the colors on the seahorse card, too - and if you hadn't mentioned it I think I wouldn't even have noticed the butterfly or found it odd. The design of the card as a whole just works, so I guess that's literally a minor detail.

Barbara said...

... got all carried away with the cards: the garden looks fabulous! It's amazing what a little cleaning with one of those high pressure thingies can do (that's what I used here).

Leslie Miller said...

Ros, I'm utterly smitten with both your cards. The corroded metal look of the frame and bike is just amazing and so cool! I recognize the frame and really love how you used it. You were thinking outside the box with your seahorse and butterfly and I think that's fantastic. The unexpected is always a little bit of a thrill. My mouth is hanging open at the site of your beautiful garden space. I don't remember that you had pavers in your garden before. It looks amazing and makes for such a nice outdoor living space. All you need is some decent weather!

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