Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Windchimes... Yes or No?

 Hello friends, it's been a while

Do you like windchimes? do you have windchimes? I love them and have a few but my nextdoor neighbour who is of Chinese descent, tells me in her culture they are bad luck and that my problems are all down to my windchimes...Hmmm
I have a few cards to share and then I'll update you.

One of my drawn and painted leaves with more left over pieces

Sometimes I stamp things, paint them and then cut out just part of the image.. The grey/silver leaves above are from a large stamped image

This was one of a few mushrooms I painted, covered in glossy stuff and fussy cut it. The background is random watercolour and I added a stamped embossed image then finished it with a border of washi tape.

This one is again random watercolour, the black embossed partial stamp is the one I previously painted, and used some of the leaves in my first card and the flower here.

So those windchimes...

Well I had a little emergency, this time with my eyes, hence my absence.  
Following an urgent referral (that took 3 months) I saw a consultant a couple of weeks ago by which time the pressure in my eyes had become so high that they had to give me medication there and then. Seems I have Acute Angle Glaucoma and I could have lost my sight (permanently) at any moment. 
I was given a high dose of medication for the next 2 days and had to return to the hospital on the 3rd day. The side effects of the medication were not pleasant but thankfully the pressure went right down. I'm still on meds but feeling much better on the lower dose and I return to the hospital next week for a check up. All being well, I have another appointment in June to laser both my eyes and hopefully prevent the same thing happening again. 
I have been really lucky...The thought of losing my sight was so scary, heck I've already lost sensation in both hands, and my neighbour blames it all on the windchimes. Whatever... Someone somewhere must be looking over me so I may be crazy but the windchimes are staying....for now at least Lol!

I hope you are all doing well, thanks for stopping by

~ Ros ~


Pat said...

Beautiful cards Ros and love the way you combine your hand drawn art with the stamping, and love the gold embossed leafy flourish on the second and the wonderful large sunflower on the last. Great watercolour backgrounds and the wonderful diamond stencil with silver paste giving super texture. So pleased that your eyes are doing OK..three months seems a long time to wait for an urgent appointment and the outcome could have been so different! x

HilaryJane said...

Your cards are stunning, as usual. I think the third one is my favourite and your soft watercolour backgrounds are really very effective. I love the idea of wind chimes, but not the reality. The sound can be very irritating, but I suspect it is all about where they are placed to ensure they have a calming effect. If you find them calming you should stick with them. I am so glad to hear that you have treatment for your eyes and it has worked before the damage was done. Good luck with it xx

Christine Alexander said...

such wonderful cards Ros, I love your little mushroom and those colours are gorgeous ♥
Interesting about the wind chimes and how they are perceived by different cultures. Our neighbour probably wood complain about the noise :)

Marcia Hill said...

Your cards are absolutely lovely as always all 3!! I guess I didn't realize you were having problems with your eyes too, but I'm so glad to hear it turned out all right!! That must have been SO scary my friend!! Have you gotten any surgery dates for your back to correct the loss of feeling in your hands/arms? Hopefully you'll feel like a brand new woman when everything is done!! Take care of yourself my friend!! Hugs. :0)

Carole said...

Fantastic cards as always very stylish. My favourite is the blue one with the lovely flower. Sorry to hear you have had further health issues, you are certainly having a bad run of things at present. I hope things improve for you. xx

Viv said...

Gorgeous as always Ros but confess the little mushroom stole my heart!
Glad to hear that you are feeling much better - and fingers crossed all is well at your next appt.
And as for the windchimes - I love to hear them! x

Leslie Miller said...

My brain is a little bit fried after reading your post, Ros. First, your cards are gorgeous. I really admire your watercolor backgrounds, your paintings, and the embossed stamping. Second, I love windchimes and have several. One of them is quite large and creates a beautiful melody. If they cause bad luck, then it took a long time for the bad luck to get here. We've always felt very fortunate, but age and time does bring changes. Lastly, what a scare with the glaucoma!! My mom had an episode of glaucoma, but back then it was no problem getting in to see a doctor. Your urgent referral took 3 months? Sheesh. You have enough problems, but thank goodness you caught this one in time. Sending hugs!

nancy littrell said... scary with the high pressure in your eyes...I can imagine how scared you were and how you will do anything to save your eyesight!!! Take care, dear friend and thank you for sharing your beautiful WC background cards with your pretty WC saved leaves, etc. Everything you touch turns out so beautifully:-) TFS your talents, dear friend. Please keep us up to date on your future eye appts. Love and Hugs...Nancy said...

OMG!!!! How scary that must have been Ros and wishing you every success with the laser treatment. I'm loving your cards each one more beautiful than the next with the fabulous watercolour backgrounds and beautiful texture on the first. Your leaves are divine and the embossing on the third is magnificent.

I am just about to get on a plane to come to Liverpool for a week leaving behind the hot weather 33 today here, looking forward to the lovely rain promised for the next seven days in Liverpool.


I Card Everyone said...

You've had so much to deal with, Ros - I'd take those windchimes down in a heartbeat if I thought it could turn things around!
You make the most wonderful cards with your gorgeous hand-drawn, hand-painted bits of beauty! that little mushroom looks like a pretty petticoat and legs! I'm loving the addition of the embossed metals.
I have Glaucoma which is treated with drops twice daily - I had no idea there were so many different types of this eye disease! So glad you were seen in time!
Take care, my friend!

Darlene said...

Oh my friend ... I'm SO SORRY to hear you are going through this eye issue but so glad they were able to get you some positive relief ... WOW how scary!!

Your cards are GORGEOUS! You are so talented ... I just love how you've created these and am inspired to follow your lead! Thanks

Now about those wind chimes ... yes I love the sound of them! I have a large set hanging on the end of my front porch and love hearing it when I'm out front working ... then I have another set that has a slightly higher pitched tone on the back deck hanging in the Viburnum tree and we really enjoy hearing it when we are relaxing or having dinner out on the deck and a nice breeze is blowing. I'm going with they are only bad luck for HER CULTURE ... they bring great joy to me and luck is just that .... luck! Whether bad or good.

Had a scare myself this past week when I ended up in the satellite ER and rushed to the hospital for an emergency Heart Cauterization. Luckily there was no blockage so no stents were required and my pain & shortness of breath is caused by an inflammation of the sack around the heart ... called Pericarditis. After several other tests and an overnight stay, I'm back home slowly recovering and thankful it wasn't any worse than it was (is). Getting old SUCKS! LOL

Have a wonderful weekend my friend and thanks again for always sharing such amazing inspiration! LOVE it when I see your name pop up in my feed!

Bonnie said...

Wow! You have had a time and no I don't believe it's because of windchimes. I have 3 and they haven't seemed to change my luck one way or the other. I'm glad you eyes are improving and I hope you don't have any recurrence before you can get in to have surgery. I'm thankful that I can see these beautiful cards you've made! Such interesting layouts and random watercolored backgrounds! I especially love the blue flower!

Pegster said...

Ros, I am new to your blog. You are a seriously talented cardmaker, painter, etc.! Sorry to read you are having health can certainly slow one down. Look forward to seeing more of your work when you feel better.

Maria said...

Your cards are beautiful! Your left over pieces were put to good use, Ros! Wonderful silver past and bright pink leaves on your first card. Second card is so pretty with the purple and gold embossing! And, last card is stunning with the large flower and blues and greens! I hope your eyes do well and that they laser treatment in June prevents any trouble of it happening again. As far as wind chimes go, I have some wind chimes off my back deck and I love the sound of them. I think putting too much superstition into things is silly, so I'm with you with keeping the wind chimes, but I remember my Mom saying things when I was young about different things. I guess it's how we are raised and different cultures. Anyways, take good care! Big hugs!!

Sue Lelli said...

LOVE how you take bits and pieces and make things of true BEAUTY! These cards are all GORGEOUS!
Scary about your eyes and you were very LUCKY nothing happened before your 3 week emergency appointment! YIKES!

Take care my friend and keep us posted! Sending hugs and prayers your way and keep the windchimes!

Diane said...

ALL three cards are beautifully created!! I love the pink and black on the first one and the back drop of the stenciled what look like diamonds, so pretty!! The second card is beautiful as well, such a pretty mix of colors and tones and what a cute mushroom! The third card is just as amazing, love the color tones of this one as well, though I love them all I think this one is my favorite!! Well goodness that was quite a scare with your eyes, I am having a little eye trouble myself and need to get an appointment! I just took my son for two eye surgery's in May, he had cataracts in both eyes, kind of young for that but now he has me worried about my eyes as I have the same symptoms, time will tell I guess. Take care of yourself, been thinking of you!!!

Papercraft Boutique said...

I'm so glad that the pressure of your eyes went down and you're feeling better, Ros. Hoping the laser treatment goes well and won't give you a scary experience any more.
All three cards are stunning! You arranged your painted & fussy cut images with other elements so tastefully.
Hideko xx

Greta said...

Oh my goodness--can't believe it took 3 months, Ros! So glad the meds worked. Your cards are always unique & beautiful--including these!