Monday, August 15, 2022

Still Here

 Hello there friends...

How are you? I know my UK friends have been sweltering in a heatwave whilst many overseas have been subjected to storms.
I can't stand the heat we've been having, it's unbearable, trying to muster any energy or sleep is nigh impossible. Thankfully today the weather has turned and I've never been so grateful to see rain clouds gathering.
I do have a few things to share with you now the cat has vacated my chair and I can get to the computer....
First up is a little guy who too has been finding the heat exhausting

 ...His library book discarded as he snoozes

And then there is a whimsical painting I did

Sometimes the mood takes me but I'm a little more clumsy with my hands
The gardens have suffered in this heat but I did photograph some surviving flowers - It's only when you get up close and personal that their real beauty is evident, like this tiny poppy that looks like crumpled paper

The delicacy of wild flowers is so beautiful

 even the humble buddleia

Then there is the splendour of the rose

As for other news, well, I should have seen my eye doctor a few weeks ago but having not heard anything I rang the hospital and it transpired that one of the nurses had inadvertantly cancelled my appointments and marked my file as discharged. what can I say? Having realised their error the next appointment they could give me is for the end of September. 

And my neuro consultation? Well once again the appointment didn't come through so I rang that hospital and it seems my consultant has been absent for a month having contracted Covid. The next available appointment is now the end of November. It kinda would have been nice to have been advised though. So my mantra thse days is Que sera sera.

I won't bore you with more, I'm sure we all have our problems to deal with.

On a final note I recently became hooked on a Netflix series called Dark... A German production (with subtitles) and utterly mind blowing. We've watched many film series only to discover that there is no conclusion or end and it is so frustrating but this one wrapped it all up in the end. I appreciate it isn't everyone's cup of tea and very confusing at times but well done to whoever made this series especially the casting.

Be safe my friends and thank you for sticking with me.

~ Ros ~


Carole said...

Hi Ros. Nice to see your wonderful creations again. Clumsy hand or not they far surpass anything I could do. I can see little stories evolving around your paintings..maybe you could do a little book? Sorry your appointments have been cancelled and changed...I know exactly how upsetting this is as I am experiencing frustrating..... but like you say que sera sera. Its clouded here today so I hope the rain comes, but then I will have to do the ironing I! Hugs xx

Bonnie said...

It's so nice to see you post, Ros! It had been super hot here for weeks but finally the heat wave has broken and we've enjoyed a couple of nice days. Sorry about the snafu with your appointments. That's so frustrating! I love both of your delightful, whimsical creations, my friend. Both make me smile and your flower pictures are awesome!

Marcia Hill said...

So wonderful to see your post Ros, and know that you are still doing some awesome creating! Both cards are FABULOUS!! Been a hot Summer here too my friend!! I do not have much of a green thumb and landscape mostly with Hosta's as we have a lot of shade from our big trees, but even my Hosta's are fried this year! I'm trying not to complain as I don't want Winter to arrive either, but low 70's and no humidity sure would be nice! But anyway, your garden still looks beautiful to me and I'm loving the photos!! You sure don't seem to be able to catch a break with your health care system, so I'll just keep continuing to send prayers and lots of hugs your way!! Hang in there my friend!! :0)

Diane said...

Your cards are once again fabulously amazing!! Love the sleepy owl, has to make one smile!! Sorry about those appointments, geez it seems you just can't get a break!! We have been at the lake house the past 2 weeks and it's been a cool summer here and blistering hot at home, amazing how 5 1/2 hours 350 miles can make such a difference, we are heading home tomorrow for a week! I saw on the news you were having a hot and dry summer, so I bet the rain is a blessing, it has been dry here at times too and I've mostly given up on my flowers, the weeds win! Take care my friend and glad to 'see' you back!!!

Viv said...

Lovely painting and drawing as always Ros - you know how much I envy your talent!
Consultant news is a damn nuisance but as you say there's not much that can be done about it. Maddening though.
The flowers are beautiful! I adore the poppy especially.
I've watered my newly planted borders in the back garden every day whilst this weather has been so hot. After all that planning, digging and hard effort I was not about to allow my new plants to die and wanted them to have a chance to become established.
But like you I was grateful this morning to see grey skies in Hesketh Bank - apart from my flowers I was in serious danger of wilting too.
Look after yourself! xx

HilaryJane said...

Lovely to see some more of your gorgeous little paintings (you can ignore my earlier email now), they are both such fun. Thank you for sharing them. Thanks too for sharing the pictures of flowers from your garden. It is always a delight to have a peak into other peoples gardens. My garden is so dry that nothing is growing and many things have collapsed. I don' think we will get rain here until Wednesday, but I am glad it is cooler today. So sorry about your trials with appointments, so frustrating xx

Greta said...

Hello my dear friend! Made my day to see that you were able to stop by my blog & now I see your post. You're right--doesn't do any good to get upset with things, but honestly--where are the people who actually do a good job at their work?! What a bummer the neuro doc got Covid. Guess it's good we didn't know in the beginning how truly awful this virus was going to be--that vaccines wouldn't end the pandemic. I was naive & optomistic. Now I just live with a low level depression with the state of affairs in my country, the virus, lost loved ones, etc. But we're still healthy & Fritz is doing really well. And I find joy & escape in making cards. Your first painting made me smile--so adorable! I think of you often. Sending love & hugs, Greta

Leslie Miller said...

I'm glad you're still here, Ros, and your sweet cards are as enchanting as ever. Such pretty scenes. I feel for the bird. I wilt in the heat, too, but thankfully it hasn't been that bad here. Trouble is, once I heat up I have a hard time cooling down again. I appreciate your garden photos and welcome them anytime. I wish I was as accepting as you about the new normal in health care which I honestly am having a hard time understanding. Maybe they're short staffed, but I don't totally understand why. Oh, and thanks for the Netflix recommendation. I would probably like it (I looked it up) and am always looking for another series. I don't mind subtitles if it's not too distracting. Dubbing is okay, too, if the sound is good and the voice overs well acted. Take care. Any pop in is a treat, even without a card.

Papercraft Boutique said...

The snoozing little guy is so cute and fun, Ros! He made me chuckle. The whimsical and beautiful painting gave me a nice breeze. :-) 
I'm sorry about your medical appointment ordeal. It must be so frustrating...
Thank you for also sharing the beautiful pictures of flowers in your garden! The little pretty poppy does look like crumpled paper!
Hideko xx

Pauline said...

Hello my friend! Ros it's so nice to hear from you. I am loving your new creations, love the bird taking a snooze, and your whimsical painting is so you! I love when you create, clumsy hands or not, these are beautiful! Thanks for sharing your florals from your garden too, I can't get over how crumpled the poppy looks. Yes, my gardens have taken a tole in the heat as well, they are so pretty early summer, then the heat hits and everything is dying. I'm sorry to hear about your appts being pushed back, that is so frustrating for sure. Well, you take care of yourself Ros. Sending hugs,

Pat said...

Your beautiful and fun drawings always bring a smile to my face Ros and love the beautiful flowers from your garden. How awful to have your eye appointments cancelled by mistake and then to have to wait such a long time for a new one. Then the neuro consultant getting Covid. I'm not sure that it would be necessary to have a month off with it which seems rather excessive but maybe he got it extra badly, but such poor communication, I really feel for you Ros. I remember seeing Dark a while ago and it was really gripping and hubby and I enjoyed it a lot. x

Christine Alexander said...

Ros, I love seeing your little hand drawn images. These birds are so cute, the knotted handkerchief is so funny and that little fairy house is adorable. They certainly don't look clumsy ♥ It's so good to see you back in blogland xx
I actually though your poppy was paper. this has been a hot summer everywhere. We're just going through another hot spell in Vancouver. No where near as hot as last year but still pretty hot.

Inkyfingers said...

You have such a fabulous whimsical style, Ros and I loved being able to see your creations again. You'd make a wonderful book illustrator! I really enjoyed your flower photos too - the extraordinary poppy with the unusual texture and white trim is my favourite.
Sorry to hear about the NHS cock ups - not what you need!
Take care, my friend.
Carol x

Bobbie Bluegill said...

I have been quietly enjoying and being inspired by your art work for a couple years. It has been awhile since your posting. I do hope your health and eye problems are improving. Best of wishes for a healthy Ros.