Saturday, February 04, 2023

Happy February

 Hello friends!

I hope you are all keeping well - We are one step closer to Spring, even though we have a forecast of freezing temperatures in the next few days, I'm staying optimistic.
Tulips and daffodils are in the shops and I just love them, they make me happy. I have some cards to share with you with my own painted  flowers though the photos are not the best, I'm struggling to hold the camera still. They are sentiment free till I know what they will be used for.

I stamped the branch on this one and painted the rest, added it to a frame with gold leafing on and a couple of sequins.

...Whereas I painted the branch on this one

I love the way the paint left a mark on the plant pot ont his next one - makes it look more of a rough terracotta

More pots with the start of Spring flowers and foliage

 This looks so much prettier IRL - The heart is painted gold and I love the idea of a house vase. The piece behind the painting is from some packaging I saved and though you can't see it here, it's glossy.


I had to throw in a gnome, I was playing with salt on w/colour. I love to do this random technique and look for shapes to sketch/paint into it.

Finally some paintings I did, one of which I framed

 There is a lot of gold sparkle for the stars but unfortunately it doesn't show up here. I did a few of these

...trying out different w/colour papers and plain CS. I'm still not sure which I prefer but they all act differently so it's always a learning curve for me. One thing I do know is that I like to do tiny details rather than landscapes but this past week my hands have constantly failed me. I dropped my coffee all over my desk and it it even seeped into the drawers, what a palaver cleaning that up.

Well, I'm off to get a cup of tea... this has taken me more than an hour to type

Have a beautiful weekend

~ Ros ~


Mia said...

Congratulations, Ros. Your cards are beautiful and I really love how you combine your painting with stamps. Also your gnome is fabulous. Hugs, my friend.

HilaryJane said...

Thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to write this post in order to share you amazing little paintings. Each and every one of them is a little masterpiece and I am so glad you are still able to paint. I love them all, but the little gnome painting stands out for me because of the texture in the paint and the way you have made trees and steps out of the background, so very clever. Well done, it is fabulous. I am so sorry that it is all so difficult for you these days and as for the coffee... bet it took you a while to calm down afterwards! I hope it didn't ruin anything too precious xx

Marcia Hill said...

They are ALL FABULOUS Ros, but the little gnome one stands out to me too because of the texture created with the salt! Those trees are just awesome!! I'm amazed with all the physical troubles you've had lately that you can still create such beautiful works of art, but I guess where there's a will there's a way! Thanks for going through the struggle to share all of these with us as I always enjoy your posts, and yes, let's bring on Spring!! I am so ready!! Hugs. :0)

Loll said...

As always, you inspire and delight us with your amazing artistry, Ros. You've been busy creating and we all benefit from that. :) Each card is so beautiful and I love how uniquely creative they each are. So sorry you struggle with typing and that it took you so long to do this post. So apprciated, my friend. Take care. Love, Loll

Leslie Miller said...

You blow my mind, Ros. I hope you know what a special treat it is to see a post from you and I appreciate the effort involved in sharing with all of us. I'm really sorry it's so difficult for you, as well as other things being a problem. Your gallery of cards today is absolutely delightful. The delicate branch, whether stamped or painted, is so pretty. I'm enchanted by the kitty painting you framed. All three of those at the end are transporting. The gnome, too... just something about that card. Ros, I hope you will continue to enjoy your painting and share what you can when you feel like it. I wish you would be all better.

Greta said...

Oh my goodness--I just love seeing your paintings, Ros! So sorry you're having such trouble, so even more special that you made the effort to share these with us! I really love the first card & the terracotta pot is fabulous! PS--I'm doing well--no more walker!

Carole said...

Well Ros...your beautiful works of art have really been a pleasure to see, for me and I am sure lots of others too. It's so lovely to see your inspiration.You are so clever with what you do but the gnome card is so clever with your salt technique. You have a wonderful imagination. Hugs xx

Pauline said...

I am so thrilled to see your works of art once again Ros! I'm sorry this has been difficult for you to post but we are all so appreciative of your work. Your paintings are all beautiful and so inspiring. A very unique background on the gnome card, so sweet, but I think my favourites are the first couple with the leafy branches, just love the simplicity and how elegant these are. I too, can not wait until Spring arrives, it's been a cold and bitterly winter so far. Thank you again Ros for posting these, and looking forward as always to more paintings as time allows. Take care my friend, sending hugs,

I Card Everyone said...

Not one bit of hope for Spring here yet, Ros! But I know we'll be offered daffodils in the floral shops soon - and tulips, too!
Your darling paintings were just the pick-me-up I needed today - you are so talented, and have such a way with those tiny details! LOVE the salted trees!

Papercraft Boutique said...

These are all fantastic, Ros! Your coloring/painting and design is so beautiful! I especially love the soft and pretty house vase card. Lavender is my favorite color, and you used the upcycled matching piece of paper for the backdrop. Thank you so much for taking the time to write the blog and to share the cards with us when it's not an easy time.
Hideko xx

Pat said...

What a lot of fabulous artwork Ros, and great that you persevered with typing it up so you could show us what you have been doing. The potted plants all look beautiful, and I love your house as a vase for the tulips, and then that sweet gnome, and lastly your delightful black cats with various backgrounds..such wonderful work. Sorry to hear that things have not been so good this last week, but don't give up as your pieces of art are all delightful and so creative. x

Christine Alexander said...

such a beautiful selection of cards, the one that stole my heart was the gnome. Not only is he cute but you used one of my favourite techniques- salt and watercolour ♥

Diane said...

Well hello there my friend, glad to see you back with some of your gorgeous paintings!! Each one is exquisite and beautifully done!! I love them all but of course those cute kitties are calling to me! Have a wonderful Valentines my friend and I hope your health will improve soon!!

Darnell said...

It's lovely to see a post from you sharing your beautiful works of art, Ros! It makes it even more special knowing that preparing a post is so hard for your poor hands.💕 Every painting is so awesome and so different. I just love your range! I've scrolled up and down many times trying to choose a favorite, but it's impossible ... although the gnome on salted watercolor might have a slight edge! Love and hugs, Darnell

Barbara said...

Sorry to hear you've been through a rougher patch again. Don't know if it's much of a comfort but as the skin on my hands has become very dry, I keep dropping stuff, too. Large yogurt containers that explode on the floor, for example. My favorite mug... I hope the supplies you had in your drawers didn't suffer too much, though.
As usual, your cards are wonderful - that gnome and the background on that card ... wow! Obviously, I love the cat motifs, too!

Bonnie said...

WOW, Ros! Your flowers are so dainty and beautiful and those pots look so realistic! Love the house vase too! Your salt piece is amazing and worked perfectly for this little scene with the cute gnome! Your group of paintings should all be framed! So serene. I'm glad you are still able to create and share your wonderful creations with us.