Saturday, July 04, 2020

Don't Worry, Bee Happy

Hello there... 
Happy 4th July to all my friends in the USA and to all my friends here because today marks the start of relaxed rules following the lockdown in the UK... 

From now a lot of businesses are allowed to open including pubs and bars which, believe it or not, opened at 6am. I can't imagine anyone wanting to drink alcohol at that hour but there we are. Even before the bars and pubs opened there have been some awful scenes in my city. 
Crowds gathering to celebrate the football championship, crowds gathering just to drink and party, fireworks going off late at night, beaches and villages left full of litter. There's been a lot of damage, a lot of vile attacks on animals and it saddens me to the core how some people behave. I'm dreading the second spike which I think is now inevitable.
But enough of that, it's too depressing.

Today I have a few cards to share, first up one for

It's been dull and wet all week and this card has a lovely shine but so difficult to capture that on a photograph.
I started by stenciling the circles with Distress Oxide blueprint and used a fineliner pen to trace them.
Then I stamped and embossed  flowers here and there together with the little bee. I used gold paint on the bee, parts of the flowers and to dot the circles.

The next 2 cards I made a while ago to send to blog friends

This one went off to Canada

And this one to  California

Well, I'm going to do some baking now - I made a batch of rock cakes a few days ago and last night I just fancied one but when I looked there was only 2 there. DH swears he didn't eat them, Mikey doesn't eat cakes of any description so I guess the fairies came. Funny how they left crumbs all over DHs chair?
Have a wonderful day
Be safe

~ Ros ~

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Coffee and a Cat

Hello my friends...

I was debating which cards to share with you today, Cat or Coffee and in the end I decided to share both

This is a sketched and painted card for one of my half sisters who will be celebrating her birthday in a couple of weeks. We are all animal lovers and we all have cats so I think she will like this

I drew a little wind chime and found some tiny beads which I thought would look more realistic for the wind chime, plus I really need to use up my stash

Including some of the hundreds of sequins I seem to have... Here's a closer look

If you have ever owned a cat you will know how mischievous they can be and whilst typing this post, Missy reached up to the shelf I keep the catnip on and pulled it down... Now the floor is covered in it. 

I do miss seeing my friends, catching up with a coffee and chatting about this and that and each time I looked at this card (I shared recently)

I couldn't help but see cups. So I thought why not draw handles and make that flower into a cup then I could make each of my GF's a card as a reminder of those lovely days

At least we can share a virtual coffee

 They're only 4x4 cards and make up really quickly

 I even used up some of the many papers I've hoarded over the years to make envelopes for them

I hope you are all well... Thanks so much for your visit

Stay safe

~ Ros ~

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Happy Birthday

Hello there... 
I'm feeling so much better since the rain came and cooled everything down, thank you all for your well wishes. It's scary when you don't feel right and there's a pandemic lurking but I'm okay.

A few days ago my blog friend Loll celebrated her birthday and I'm hoping her card arrived.

Loll gifted me that beautiful stencil and it seemed fitting to use it for her card plus I LOVE it and couldn't wait to play with it

The butterfly is stamped, embossed, painted and fussy cut

Of course I had to make another card using this stencil... This one is for a family member

 ... with a gold painted butterfly.
A little tip... It's impossible to cut around those tiny antennae so I stamp and emboss them onto the vellum and then adhere the butterfly.
I've been playing with paints all day hence it's a late post and now I have to go cook dinner.
Have a beautiful day/evening and I'll catch up with you all soon
~ Ros ~

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Hello Sunshine

Good morning.... The sun has finally put in an appearance
It's a beautiful summers' day.
 I've been feeling a little rough lately and my energy levels are quite low so I'll keep this post short.
Last week I shared 2 of 4 cards I made using paint, stamps and a little doodling and today I'm sharing the other 2.

 The butterflies and dragonfly are by Clearly Besotted
...The leaves are my doodles
I'm hoping to catch up with you all and see what I've been missing...
Stay safe my friends
~ Ros ~

Friday, June 19, 2020

Rainy Day Cards

Hello there... Another week has flown by!

We've had rain most days here and yesterday it was heavy all day so with the cats curled up in their baskets either side of me, I spent time playing with paints, stamps and pens. I'm sharing two of my cards today...

 It's pretty dull with the rain outside but if I turn this to the light you can see the shine a little better

I love the gloss of black embossed images, especially on coloured backgrounds and after randomly applying paints and some gold splatters, I stamped and embossed the flower bud from an old set by Wplus9. I drew the stems and leaves and added the lines and dots to the buds.
This flower head was from a set I got at the Works a long time ago and again I drew the stem and leaves and added a few dots.
The paints I used are Prima's but the gold is by Gansai Tambi, splattered on the BG then painted in various places on the images.
I had so much fun doing these but the problem I have with cards is when it comes to sending them - I struggle with which one to send. Do you ever do that... "would she prefer this one or that one?" 

Well, I hope you are all doing okay, Stay safe and thanks so much for stopping by

~ Ros ~

Monday, June 15, 2020

Curious Bunnies

Well a big thank you to my blog friend Michele who blew over some sunshine all the way from Michigan Lol! 
Somewhere along the way it picked up the mother of all storms which hit us on Saturday evening...It's been a long time since we witnessed a storm like that and rain that came down in torrents. I think it was a highlight to many over here who are shielding and something amazing to watch.

Today I'm sharing two cards I painted and my attempt at bunnies

I don't know if bunny rabbits eat oranges or maybe he's just curious about the robin.
I've never owned a rabbit so I don't know much about them

This guy is curious about those purple berries... Me too, I haven't a clue what they are

 But Mum is keeping a eye on him

I don't have any news to share today, so I'll wish you all a lovely week

Stay well

~ Ros ~


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