Saturday, April 04, 2020

Living in Lala Land

Hello there... How are you all?
I've taken to living in my own Lala Land where it's virus free and and we can venture wherever we want...
Well in my painting that is...

See here I've hung out the washing and taken a trip out with my nextdoor neighbour

It's summer time all year round here so I don't have to worry about the rain

This is where my friend lives... They have a big house in a leafy part of the woods

We've been invited to tea there later this afternoon but first we are off to check on some empty properties in Bluebell Wood for my neighbour's daughter who is also an artist

They need a little revamping but it's quite a nice area and the outhouse could be very useful as a studio

Okay, I have to dash... 

Be safe 

~ Ros ~

Wednesday, April 01, 2020

CAS Mix Up Challenge

Hello there...Welcome to April
I hope you are keeping well during these worrying times. 

As always the CAS MixUp has a new challenge for you chosen by Loll

If you are unsure about this technique, please check out the videos up on the blog as well as the terrific examples by the team and this month's wonderful guest Designer

Okay on to my card...

This is not a technique I've done before but I'm always up for a challenge ... I started by randomly stamping and embossing the leaves onto black card, then poured some household bleach into a little jar, took a small paintbrush and just 'painted' the leaves

The effect is  really amazing... Rememer you need to do this in a ventilated area if you have strong bleach like me.

The little butterfly was fussy cut from a shop bought card - I was sending this as a sympathy card and it seemed appropriate.

Now that most of us are restricted to being at home, it's the perfect opportunity for you to play along, create something beautiful in a not so beautiful world and have fun

Be safe out there my friends

~ Ros ~

Monday, March 30, 2020

A Piece of the Garden

I'm lost with the days... One just flows into another and the clocks going forward only added to the confusion Lol! 
The warm sunshine we were experiencing quickly developed in to dull and cold weather.
Someone asked me if I was bored yet... Me bored???
In truth I think I've been social isolating for years. DH was always either working or out somewhere with someone so I got used to being alone and found lots to occupy myself with... Boredom to me is doing the same things without progression... I like to learn, try new things.
As you know I've been trying free hand painting with watercolours lately and the one I'm sharing today has to be my very favourite and IS going to be framed
 I did do a little sketching first, just to get the pots as a starting point - I seem to have a 'thing' about plant pots

My friend Stella bought me my first set of Prima paints and once I started to use them I was sold
I do use a little bit of acrylic paint for the white dots you often see, and here, for the purple berries.
Unfortunately my garden pots are not as pretty but small shoots are starting to appear, maybe by time we are out of isolation there will be flowers too. Till then I'll create my own and continue to pop into your blogs and enjoy the beauties you share
 Have a good day and take care

~ Ros ~

Friday, March 27, 2020

For Friends

Hi! How are you doing?

Well we've had the most beautiful weather lately but don't get too jealous... It's not going to last.
It takes the gloom out of everything though - Our Prime Minister has tested positive for the virus, along with Prince Charles whilst we alas, have no testing available, so we have to just hope and enjoy the sunshine whilst we can

I've already sent some of my painted cards to friends - DH wanted me to frame them all but it seems stupid to keep them all especially now - Here are 3 more which have also been sent to friends

Honestly I don't know what I like doing best... Painting or doodling 

I know one thing... I can churn these out much quicker than ordinary cards 

You all know I lost my best friend last October... Amongst her many talents, was a brilliant artist and sculptor. Today would have been her birthday and I can't help but think how much she would have loved that I am attempting to paint albeit in my own way and my own style... 

Stay well my friends... 

~ Ros ~

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Playing with Brushes

Hi there...
I'm so glad that you are enjoying my watercolour flowers and thank you all for your encouraging comments. 
It's a beautiful day here, the sun is shining and it's much warmer, I'm going to be joining my cats out there shortly as listening to the local news has left me quite scared and a little low.

 I have a couple more creations to share with you... I've been experimenting with different paintbrushes and trying to master some of the techniques, I have plenty of time to practice.

This one was done using a triangle type brush create two toned fan shaped flowers

I found You Tube videos by Ceecee Creations and just love watching them - Here's a little close up 

My leaves need a lot of practice

Sometimes I get the shape right and sometimes not

Stay safe, keep crafting and even across the miles we'll help each other through this

~ Ros ~

Monday, March 23, 2020


How's quarantine going?
It was Mother's day here yesterday - Maybe not the Mother's Day we normally expect but hey.. We can celebrate all year right? 

When I had dogs, I would often walk them at a place called Pickering's Pasture... A short drive away where the river runs alongside the pastures and in the summer months, the pastures were filled with wildflowers...I tried to capture them in this painting

 Hubby and I drove down there yesterday - We are doing our utmost to stay safe but I think he's a little stir crazy so I made a flask of tea, the idea being that we could just sit in the car and chill but when we arrived the place was literally heaving with people all walking about and socializing like it was a holiday period. There were families, dog walkers, cyclists and many over 70's. I cannot believe the ignorance and selfish attitude of these morons.... 

I am scared but painting helps to keep me calm and I really, really hope that life can soon get back to normal and I'll be able to see those wildflowers once more

Thinking of you all and sending hugs 

~ Ros ~
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