Sunday, September 13, 2015


Good morning!

Time for another prompt at 

This week I have chosen the word for you and it's

At the back of our home we have lots of trees some of which bear nuts ... The squirrels got busy!
Every morning for about a week this is what I came down to... No sooner had I cleared it up then another downpour of shells came... So Messy!

The birds ... they constantly throw moss down from the roof and everywhere is Messy

And me? Well my carelessness caused a messy floor ... I knocked over my box of sequins ... Once they were all sorted into colours, now they are just a sparkly mess

Oh well - that's the way it goes sometimes ...

Share your "messy" photos with us at 

Then I won't feel so bad haha!

Enjoy your sunday

~ Ros ~


Stella said...

Isn't Ginger chasing the squirrels? Or is that too much of an effort for him? I guess he'd rather be stretched out on his swing for a nap LOL! Your garden is gorgeous; and I can say that because I've been there. Speaking of a mess of moss; the birds here are doing the same.
Have a lovely Sunday sweetie; the weather here is unexpected sunny with lovely temperatures. Hope the weather is just as nice in Liverpool.
Speak to you soon; ther eis so much to talk about!

AppleApricot Wen said...

Oh dear, that is such a lot of work, to put those tiny thingies back into their box!! I love your messy post nevertheless. The mess the squirrels and birds are making is kind of cute really. Happy to have these furry and feathered friends around us. Wishing you a beautiful day, hugs xx

Dawn said...

Whoopsy! I love a crafty mess but that must have broken your heart! Happy sequin sorting!
Dawn xx

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Haha... what a mess! Well, I love the sparkling ones though, those sequins are so hard to handle, they kind of stick to my fingers if I try to sort them.

Mona Pendleton said...

Such pretty photos Ros! Lovin' all the sequins! HEAVEN!

Greta said...

What fun pictures, Ros! Boy are those sequins gorgeous--messed up or not!

Diane said...

GREAT messy this is one I could relate too, seems right now everything around here is messy...inside and out...the sequins...yikes, not so fun cleaning those up...but much better then had it been glitter..LOL!

mandysea said...

oooh I just LOVE your series of photos!! I cant imagine squirrels making a mess with nuts in the garden.. we don't have them here. AND love your 'sequin' mess..... I'd be happy with that glitzy mess anyday!! Pretty photo of that!

Tracy said...

The squirrels are being pretty messy here too. However I don't think they can beat these two pups of my daughters. They are so mischievous. They got hold of a bag of potting soil one day. Now THAT'S messy. LOL

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