Thursday, July 18, 2019

Enjoy The Little Things

Hello, how are you?

It's been a warm and sunny week here with a little rain thrown in. I haven't made any cards this week but I have done some sewing (made a couple of tops) been for lunch with my GF's, and right now we are waiting to hear from hubby's son as his wife is having their second baby boy this morning. 

I do have a card to share though, one I made a couple of weeks ago which will posted today with a few little gifts for a friend's birthday

I bought this shadow die from Aliexpress months ago and honestly thought it was going to be a bit bigger than it was. Unsure of what to do with it, I kind of just left it. 
Anyway I came across it again and this time I had a spark of inspiration... Why not use the shadow die as a stencil? So that's what I did.

The colours happen to be not just my favourites (as you can tell by now) but also my friends, so after ink blending it was simple to just put the die cut on top.

A little stamping and embossing and that was it.

I'm still having treatment on my neck and shoulder and it seems to be helping... It's all part of the problem I had with my spine... Prior to the operation the right side of my body was supporting me so I have to re-align the left side and build up the strength again. It's all good and I'm be eternally grateful to have my life back.

Have yourselves a wonderful day... I'm off to visit your blogs now

Till soon

~ Ros ~

Friday, July 12, 2019

The Other Half

Hi there... 
The other half? No, I'm not talking about my husband Lol!
 I am referring to the other half of the alcohol ink background I did for my previous card and used for today's card.

The CAS Mix Up Challenge also asks for alcohol Ink lift but it's not necessary to use a stencil

...Confused me a little this month. Anyway, this time I used the Alcohol Lift ink pad. It's the first time I think I've used it too, though I bought it ages ago... One of those things you need and by time it arrives your interest has moved on...

I used a stamp by Woodware but for this card I only used a little strip which I adhered into a dry embossed tag die

  I stamped the sentiment with Versamark and embossed it in silver, added a die cut dragon fly and a few sequins.

The dragon fly is cut from a holographic piece of card but I peeled off the backing to give it a more delicate look and obligingly it curled the tail for me.

I hope you have a great weekend... Friday seems to come around awfully quickly, funny it was never that way when I was a working girl...

Till soon

~ Ros ~

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

CAS Stencil Challenge

Hello there...
Today's card is for the CAS Stencil Challenge

I don't have an alcohol lift re-inker, which seemed to give a good effect in the videos shared on the CAS stencil blog, but I did have some blending solution so I went with that using a little sponge or should I say a few little sponges... They have to be tossed away after using them

So here's the card

I used a variety of alcohol inks and even some silver, let it dry and then used a new stencil I got by Creative Exressions - This gives a better view of the silver, though I found that difficult to erase with the blending solution...

I never have a plan of what I come up with... I usually decide when I see the result of the BG and 
this looked like a place fairies may be hiding. I have a die of a fairy sitting on a rather large moon... It was not quite the look I wanted, so I trimmed the die cut and now the fairy looks like she's hovering releasing her magical wishes

The sentiment is an old one from a set by PTI and the best I had that fit the scene

That's it for today... Thanks so much for your visit, have a lovely day

~ Ros ~

Sunday, July 07, 2019

CAS Watercolour Challenge

Happy Sunday peoples...
I hope you are well and I sincerely hope my friends in California are safe following the earthquakes...

Today I have a card to share for the new challenge at CAS Watercolour

where they are also celebrating Darnell's birthday
Happy Birthday lovely lady!

Here's my card...

I stamped and embossed an old but favourite stamp of mine by Clearly Besotted onto ordinary cardstock... I use card I get from Ebay, it's quite heavy and a nice bright white and I've been using this for years.

Then I got out the Gansai Tambi paints and only used 2 colours to achieve the look I was going for

Before I finish I ought to clarify what I mentioned in my last post re the Apple Store... I realise that I confused some of you when I said raided... It was raided by a mob of thieves who managed to make off with some 36 iPhones and a Laptop all at 9.45 in the morning.

Okay that's me for today ... Have a good one 

~ Ros ~

Friday, July 05, 2019

New Home

Hello there...
I hope all my friends over in the USA enjoyed your 4th July celebrations... Now it's almost the weekend.

It's been another busy week in our household, one that included a trip to the Apple store in Liverpool One. I rarely go into the city but DH's iPad was dying so we made an appointment and off we went. What a beautiful day it turned out to be... The sun was shining and honestly you could have been in any city in the world... Sitting out taking coffee and in beautiful surroundings. For those of you who don't know what Liverpool One is... It's a redeveloped area of the city close to the river that has all the fancy designer shops as well as restaurants, coffee shops, book shops, a cinema and much more.
I said it had been awhile since we were there and the Apple store had moved into a larger premises... Very modern and full of people but we were looked after and came out with a new iPad for DH. 
That was wednesday, so imagine my shock when I saw that yesterday (Thursday)  the store was raided whilst all the shoppers were there. Yikes!

I have another card to share using a stencil... I've a passion for them lately, and this is for a blog friend who moved house ... a little late but it will still be a surprise I think.

I hadn't used that stencil before and the bird house die had been long forgotten

I also have to mention my visit to the dentist... It was amazing! My filling was fixed in 20 minutes with no needles no drilling AND the dentist I saw was a young (very) handsome Spanish guy... Total cost £22...What's not to like? Lol!
If only it could be like that all the time.

Have yourselves a wonderful day... I hope the sun is shining where you are, it certainly is here...

Till soon, be safe

~ Ros ~

Monday, July 01, 2019

Birthday Girl

Hello and welcome to July! I hope your week has started well?

Saturday was a scorcher here in the UK so we decided to drive over to Salford Quays to the indoor shopping mall. Hubby wanted to go to Marks & Spencer outlet. Outside the mall was a wonderful Artisan market, heaving with people, but it was just too hot for me so I didn't get to see much at all before I dived back into the cool of the mall...
The heat didn't last, now we are back to cool weather and it's very, very windy.

I have another stencilled card to share with you today... Just a simple one for a friend's birthday

Whilst the stencil was still in place I splattered a little gold paint over just to add some sparkle

My shoulder is still bothering me and I have another treatment this week as well as a dentist appointment... You all know how much I detest going to the dentist... can't wait to get that over with I can tell you.

Have a beautiful day and I hope to catch up with you very soon...

~ Ros ~ 

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Stamps and Stencils

Hello there
I hope you are having a good week...  

I had a play yesterday with stencils and stamps... Honestly I am struggling to get back into card making but I'm running short of cards as there's been a lot of birthdays this month 

Here's a couple that I did yesterday

 I did some stenciling and stamped over it then used some edge dies to give it this shape

And ribbon... Yep, I still have rather a lot of it even though you hardly ever see me use it now

The second card is a little busy but I kinda like it

I've never used that stencil before... it was given to me a long while back. That's an old stamp and it looks a little like fireworks don't you think... Not that I was going for that at the time

I've had a few sessions at the Chiropractor lately to help my neck and shoulders, so, much as I'd like to, I can't sit for too long at the computer and it isn't exactly sunbathing weather here... Maybe I'll find my mojo and get some more cards done.

Have yourselves a great day

~ Ros ~

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Not So Perfect Pearls

Well hello... Bet you thought I'd left blogland

I have no idea where the time has gone, but trust me this week has just been filled with appointments of one sort or another including a visit to a rescue centre to get another kitty for my friend.
June has been a whirlwind with today being the only sunny day we've had and instead of taking full advantage I had a lunch meeting with my friends and then decided to try and make a card for the 

Perfect Pearls... Or in my case, not so perfect...  
I knew that somewhere in this craft room of mine that also includes all my sewing stuff and just about anything and everything, I did have a pot of Perfect Pearls. Lord knows how long ago I got them or indeed when I ever used them, but eventually I found a small pot of silvery pearls. 

Well this is going to be my first and last card using the stuff I can promise you that...We just don't get on together and the cat jumping on the desk did not help. After several attempts on various backgrounds I went with black cardstock

Hardly visible huh? It is there and it took  forever to get a decent photo ... This one is probably better

I tried at least, but I did struggle to clean off the excess without rubbing out the stenciling. My cat has a lovely sheen though as does everything else in here

I'm now going to cook dinner and have a very large G&T....

Till next time ... 

~ Ros ~


Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Rain Rain Go Away

Hi there...
We are drowning in rain here and there is no sign of it letting up in the next few days either. I ventured out but only for the follow up appointment on my spine... Thankfully it's all fused together now and I only have one appointment to go before I'm signed off altogether. I can't believe it's been 18 months already.

I got to make a card today ... This one is for the

It's awhile since I did anything Ombre and though I do have ombre ink pads... I like to use ink blending

The inks I used were Squeezed lemonade, Dried Marigold and Spiced Marmalade and I did a little splattering of water.
There's is a mix of stamps here too and all have been heat embossed.

 I used a tiny piece of vellum to stamp the bees wings and stuck them onto the original stamping and also added white gel pen to the petals
I need to sign off now to see to the dinner so I'll wish you a lovely day/ evening

Take care

 ~Ros ~


Saturday, June 08, 2019

CAS Watercolour Challenge

Hello it's me again...
With a card for this months challenge at

I needed a birthday card for a friend and inspiration was away on holiday but eventually it came together

Using Gansai Tambi paints, I started by painting sparkly white through a piece of card that I'd cut a heart into... Not that you can see that sparkle...
With the heart stencil still in place, I used a fan brush to randomly  make some shapes that sort of remind me of blue wisteria...

Well, I got that far but it needed something else and knowing my friend loves birds as well as her garden, I added a branch, painted some die cut birds and that was that.

It's rained all day again today and it's dull... Like a winters day and we're all getting a little fed up with being couped up - Especially the cats!

Have a lovely weekend and take care

~ Ros ~

Friday, June 07, 2019

Red Balloons

Hello there... How are you?

Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts following the loss of my friend Jeanie... I cried a million tears at the funeral and a few days later DH and I took a trip to Cornwall to visit our Cornish cousins. It couldn't have been better... The sea, the rugged coastline and the sheer unspoiled beauty of Cornwall together with the love and laughter has helped restore me and I'm feeling good.

We sailed to the Scilly Isles as guests of cousin Peter who is captain of the ship that transports around 490 people plus cargo to the Isles on a daily basis. Many of the passengers took along their dogs... Honestly I have never seen so many dogs together and on a ship!
It's not a cruise ship by any means and boy did I get seasick once we hit the Atlantic. It was all worth it though as St Mary's, where we docked, is beautiful. I don't have any photos to share yet, they're all on my husbands phone but I'll get around to downloading them sometime.
Suffice to say we crammed in a lot in 5 days and had a wonderful time with our family.

 I haven't had any time to craft since I got home but I do have a card to share that I made for a friend who celebrated his birthday at the end of May... His family threw a party for him in the garden - A small affair they said, just a few friends - There were 50 people! And it was freezing Lol!

 The balloons were done using Distress Oxides and the baby wipe technique on glossy photo paper
I know I've said it before but I do love the results you get doing this

I haven't had time to visit your blogs either but hope to rectify that soon and also check out the new challenges I like to play along with...

It's good to be back... 
Have a wonderful day and if you have any sunshine to spare could you please send it my way?

Till soon

~ Ros ~

Monday, May 27, 2019

A few more leftovers

Hello there...

I'm not sure where the last week went or where May went either...
Thanks so much for your comments and kind wishes on my previous post... Losing my friend hit me very hard and I have the funeral to face tomorrow. Another friend lost her kitty too and, well, it's just been one of those times you know?

Still, life carries on and I've kept busy even though my head has been elsewhere at times like making cards that I forgot to photograph before sending so I can't share... But I do have one that I made awhile ago using up even more leftovers...

 I had a piece of vellum that I stamped and coloured with copics - more as a trial really - but it wasn't big enough to fit my frame in places hence the butterfly in the corner.

I like the bright effect of colouring on vellum and don't do it often enough... Mostly because it's hard to get pure white vellum here. When I did my friends' save the date cards I had terrible trouble getting the same white vellum so I hoard every little piece I have left.

 I've a busy few days ahead and today I'm looking forward to seeing one of the sweet girls I used to teach at Thursday Club... Her lovely mum is bringing her over and it's nice to know they still think of me.
On Saturday we are off to Cornwall for a few days so fingers crossed the weather will buck up for us.

Have a wonderful week... Happy Memorial Day to all my friends across the pond and Happy Bank Holiday to my UK friends.

~ Ros ~

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Thinking of you....


I've tried to write this post several times and then abandoned it. 
 Over the years my blog has been my diary of sorts... I've shared cards and handmade items, holidays and photos. Many fun times and some not so fun... 

Today I have a card to share that was probably the hardest one I've had to make yet... Not because it was a difficult technique or anything like that, but simply because it is one I never envisaged having to make... 

You see last week I got a call to say my friend Jeanie had passed away suddenly... Only a few weeks before I posted a photo of us together having met up by chance in Spain... I said it was one of the best things that happened and it was. I couldn't have known it was going to be the last time we would be together and laugh like crazy school girls as we always did when we were together...

My heart is broken, the loss is overwhelming but I do know that somewhere in heaven there's a party going on...

~ Ros ~

Monday, May 13, 2019

CAS Stencil Challenge

What a beautiful day it is here... Sunshine and blue skies
Hubby is golfing and I'm doing housework.. As if!

I got around to finishing a card for the CAS Stencil Challenge

I had a leftover piece from a card I made Here 
A distress inked background, splattered with water then stenciled over using translucent paste... I didn't want to waste that piece but I wanted it to look different from the original so I inked over the dry stenciling with Blueprint Sketch distress ink and this completely changed it.
I love the result, the way the colours altered... Much more vibrant than the original
I stamped, coloured and fussy cut the dragonfly and adhered it to the die cut reeds and there we are done!

Just before I go, my blog friend Sue Lelli asked me to share a photo of my Lilac in bloom so here it is

Have a great day and I'll catch up with you soon
~ Ros ~


Thursday, May 09, 2019

CAS Watercolour Challenge

Hi there... How's it going? 
Still raining here and no improvement in the temperatures either.
We're off to a funeral later so I have a little time to post my card for 
Here's what I did

A Polar bear you say... Well, I do have teddy bear stamp but I just had this image of a happy Polar bear with magical snow...Kind of like Unicorn colours
Everything was painted with distress inks and I added glitter to the magical snow... 
I've been watching every episode of 'Earth from Space'  It's amazing! You need to see it... So much of the natural world is at risk and who would have thought that satellites can help
So a happy Polar bear it is...
Enjoy your day and thanks for stopping by
~ Ros ~
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